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Dagenham, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albon, Charles Spencer  Mar 1903Dagenham, Essex, England P6717
2 Albon, Richard John  1888Dagenham, Essex, England P6721
3 Albon, Violet May  21 May 1892Dagenham, Essex, England P6719
4 Archer, Alfred  Abt 1846Dagenham, Essex, England P6283
5 Archer, Alice M  1863Dagenham, Essex, England P6298
6 Archer, Caroline  Abt 1841Dagenham, Essex, England P6286
7 Archer, Charles  Abt 1833Dagenham, Essex, England P6289
8 Archer, Elizabeth  Abt 1823Dagenham, Essex, England P5073
9 Archer, Elizabeth  1853Dagenham, Essex, England P6281
10 Archer, Emma  Abt 1843Dagenham, Essex, England P6285
11 Archer, Ester S  1858Dagenham, Essex, England P6295
12 Archer, George  1834Dagenham, Essex, England P6290
13 Archer, Hellen  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6294
14 Archer, Henry  1850Dagenham, Essex, England P6278
15 Archer, James  1857Dagenham, Essex, England P6279
16 Archer, John  Abt 1813Dagenham, Essex, England P6318
17 Archer, Minnie  Abt 1865Dagenham, Essex, England P6297
18 Archer, Sarah Ann  Abt 1837Dagenham, Essex, England P6288
19 Archer, Susan  Abt 1839Dagenham, Essex, England P6287
20 Archer, Thomas  Abt 1786Dagenham, Essex, England P5076
21 Archer, William  Abt 1844Dagenham, Essex, England P6284
22 Coppen, Charles  1826Dagenham, Essex, England P5045
23 Coppen, Charles  Abt 1871Dagenham, Essex, England P5105
24 Coppen, Coulson  Abt 1865Dagenham, Essex, England P5065
25 Coppen, Coulson P.  Abt 1865Dagenham, Essex, England P5102
26 Coppen, Elizabeth  Abt 1821Dagenham, Essex, England P5044
27 Coppen, George  1817Dagenham, Essex, England P5049
28 Coppen, George  1860Dagenham, Essex, England P5103
29 Coppen, George  1871Dagenham, Essex, England P5059
30 Coppen, Jane  Abt 1823Dagenham, Essex, England P152
31 Coppen, Joseph  Abt 1828Dagenham, Essex, England P5048
32 Coppen, Joseph  Abt 1862Dagenham, Essex, England P5062
33 Coppen, Mary Ann  1860Dagenham, Essex, England P5064
34 Coppen, Maude  Abt 1867Dagenham, Essex, England P5101
35 Coppen, Silena  January 1865Dagenham, Essex, England P5063
36 Coppen, Thomas Linsell  Abt 1859Dagenham, Essex, England P5104
37 Coppen, Valentine  Abt 1863Dagenham, Essex, England P5061
38 Coppin, Elizabeth  1791Dagenham, Essex, England P5069
39 Death, George  1864Dagenham, Essex, England P5143
40 Death, William  Abt 1866Dagenham, Essex, England P5142
41 Hunsdon, Elizabeth  Abt 1823Dagenham, Essex, England P5092
42 Linsell, Selina  1787Dagenham, Essex, England P290
43 Mathews, Albert  Abt 1893Dagenham, Essex, England P6688
44 Mathews, Emma  1886Dagenham, Essex, England P6686
45 Mathews, John  1884Dagenham, Essex, England P6687
46 Mathews, Julia  1890Dagenham, Essex, England P6685
47 Matthews, Reuben  July 1880Dagenham, Essex, England P6671
48 Mead, Louisa Mary  Abt 1871Dagenham, Essex, England P6275
49 Pearcey, Mary Ann  1860Dagenham, Essex, England P5116
50 Scarfe, Elizabeth  1836Dagenham, Essex, England P5144

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coppen, William  1824Dagenham, Essex, England P5077
2 Turpin, Rebecca  23 May 1848Dagenham, Essex, England P6782
3 West, Edward John  Jun 1969Dagenham, Essex, England P5119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 West, Ernest F  Abt 1883Dagenham, Essex, England P5120
2 West, Ethel Louise  Abt 1892Dagenham, Essex, England P5122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Albon, Bessie  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6716
2 Albon, Bessie  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6716
3 Albon, Eliza Wakeling  1881Dagenham, Essex, England P6678
4 Albon, Eliza Wakeling  1891Dagenham, Essex, England P6678
5 Albon, Eliza Wakeling  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6678
6 Albon, Frank  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6723
7 Albon, George Robert  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6715
8 Albon, George Robert  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6715
9 Albon, Kate  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6720
10 Albon, Kate  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6720
11 Albon, Lilian  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6718
12 Albon, Lilian  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6718
13 Albon, Marianne  1891Dagenham, Essex, England P6311
14 Albon, Marianne  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6311
15 Albon, Marianne  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6311
16 Albon, Richard John  1891Dagenham, Essex, England P6313
17 Albon, Richard John  1891Dagenham, Essex, England P6721
18 Albon, Richard John  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6313
19 Albon, Richard John  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6721
20 Albon, Richard John  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6313
21 Albon, Samuel John  1891Dagenham, Essex, England P6724
22 Albon, Samuel John  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6724
23 Albon, Samuel John  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6724
24 Albon, Violet May  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6719
25 Albon, William Kenyon  1891Dagenham, Essex, England P6722
26 Albon, William Kenyon  1901Dagenham, Essex, England P6722
27 Albon, William Kenyon  02 Apr 1911Dagenham, Essex, England P6722
28 Archer, Adelaid  1851Dagenham, Essex, England P5071
29 Archer, Alfred  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6283
30 Archer, Alice M  1871Dagenham, Essex, England P6298
31 Archer, Elizabeth  1851Dagenham, Essex, England P5073
32 Archer, Elizabeth  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6281
33 Archer, Ester S  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6295
34 Archer, George  1841Dagenham, Essex, England P6290
35 Archer, George  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6290
36 Archer, George  1871Dagenham, Essex, England P6290
37 Archer, George  1881Dagenham, Essex, England P6290
38 Archer, Hellen  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6294
39 Archer, Henry  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6291
40 Archer, James  1851Dagenham, Essex, England P5072
41 Archer, James  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6279
42 Archer, Jessie  1871Dagenham, Essex, England P6299
43 Archer, Jessie  1881Dagenham, Essex, England P6299
44 Archer, Martin Luther  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6280
45 Archer, Mary  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6282
46 Archer, Mary Ann  1881Dagenham, Essex, England P6300
47 Archer, Minnie  1871Dagenham, Essex, England P6297
48 Archer, Sarah Ann  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6304
49 Archer, Sarah Ann  1871Dagenham, Essex, England P6304
50 Archer, Sarah E  1881Dagenham, Essex, England P6301

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