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Lambeth, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Warnes, Ann Kate  1858Lambeth, London, England P6241
2 Warnes, Charles  July 1846Lambeth, London, England P6242
3 Warnes, Emma  1865Lambeth, London, England P6239
4 Warnes, Lauretta Amy  Abt. 1877Lambeth, London, England P6249
5 Warnes, Mary Ann Sophia  1860Lambeth, London, England P6240
6 Warnes, Robert William  Abt. 1869Lambeth, London, England P6252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bartram Gaul, Ann  Jul 1895Lambeth, London, England P2033
2 Minnis, Ethel Bertha  5 Oct 1956Lambeth, London, England P4356
3 Warnes, Charles  Jul 1884Lambeth, London, England P6238
4 Warnes, Lauretta Amy  Jan 1879Lambeth, London, England P6249
5 Warnes, Robert William  Sep 1932Lambeth, London, England P6252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aspinell, Lauretta  1871Lambeth, London, England P6255
2 Bartram Gaul, Ann  1881Lambeth, London, England P2033
3 Bartram Gaul, Ann  1891Lambeth, London, England P2033
4 Bartram Gaul, Mary  1881Lambeth, London, England P2025
5 Bennet, Frances  1881Lambeth, London, England P6277
6 Bird, Alfred Wilson  1891Lambeth, London, England P1135
7 Bird, Alfred Wilson  1901Lambeth, London, England P1135
8 Bird, Ella Theodora Wilson  1901Lambeth, London, England P114
9 Bird, Ethel Gertrude  1901Lambeth, London, England P2481
10 Bird, James Potglaze  1891Lambeth, London, England P2494
11 Bird, Mabel Frances  1901Lambeth, London, England P2480
12 Coleman, Matilda Jakeman  1901Lambeth, London, England P6415
13 Coleman, Matilda Jakeman  02 Apr 1911Lambeth, London, England P6415
14 Cree, Thomas  1881Lambeth, London, England P2806
15 Cummins, Elizabeth Emma  1891Lambeth, London, England P2482
16 Hall, Christina  1871Lambeth, London, England P1324
17 Hall, Christina  1881Lambeth, London, England P1324
18 Hall, Christina  1891Lambeth, London, England P1324
19 Hall, Edwin  1901Lambeth, London, England P6416
20 Hall, Edwin  02 Apr 1911Lambeth, London, England P6416
21 Hall, Emily  1871Lambeth, London, England P1323
22 Hall, Emily  1881Lambeth, London, England P1323
23 Hall, Emily  1891Lambeth, London, England P1323
24 Hall, Emily  02 Apr 1911Lambeth, London, England P1323
25 Hall, Hilda Frances  1901Lambeth, London, England P1569
26 Hall, Hilda Frances  02 Apr 1911Lambeth, London, England P1569
27 Hall, John Henry  1881Lambeth, London, England P1322
28 Hall, John Henry  1891Lambeth, London, England P1322
29 Hall, Mabel Annie  1901Lambeth, London, England P6417
30 Hall, Mabel Annie  02 Apr 1911Lambeth, London, England P6417
31 Hall, Robert Herbert  1881Lambeth, London, England P1321
32 Hall, Robert Herbert  1891Lambeth, London, England P1321
33 Hall, William  1871Lambeth, London, England P1327
34 Hall, William  1881Lambeth, London, England P1327
35 Hall, William  1891Lambeth, London, England P1327
36 Hall, William Charles  1881Lambeth, London, England P1326
37 Hall, William Charles  1891Lambeth, London, England P1326
38 Hall, Winifred Grace  02 Apr 1911Lambeth, London, England P6418
39 Harvey, John  1891Lambeth, London, England P3155
40 Harvey, John Coward  1891Lambeth, London, England P2080
41 Harvey, Louisa  1891Lambeth, London, England P3154
42 Jervis, Ada Louisa  1891Lambeth, London, England P1544
43 Jervis, Elizabeth  1891Lambeth, London, England P1567
44 Jervis, Harriet M  1891Lambeth, London, England P1597
45 Jervis, John  1891Lambeth, London, England P1568
46 Jessie, Beatrice M  1891Lambeth, London, England P1595
47 Jessie, Florence E  1891Lambeth, London, England P1596
48 Jessie, George H  1891Lambeth, London, England P1594
49 Jessie, William A  1891Lambeth, London, England P1598
50 Maidment, Mary L.  1881Lambeth, London, England P6227

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