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Stockton, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Emily Louise  Abt 1872Stockton, Durham, England P2458
2 Ainsworth, Sarah Elizabeth  1836Stockton, Durham, England P2456
3 Allen, George Howden  9 Dec 1825Stockton, Durham, England P3294
4 Christopher, Elizabeth  Abt 1829Stockton, Durham, England P4030
5 Christopher, Sarah Jane  1833Stockton, Durham, England P4031
6 Crudace, Mary Agnes  1851Stockton, Durham, England P7109
7 Crudace, William Mellanby  October 1846Stockton, Durham, England P7108
8 Godley, Georgena  1873Stockton, Durham, England P5574
9 Godley, Henry  1875Stockton, Durham, England P5573
10 Godley, Magaret E  1890Stockton, Durham, England P5571
11 Godley, William  1877Stockton, Durham, England P5572
12 Goodale, George Frederick W  Abt 1879Stockton, Durham, England P1193
13 Gregory, Edward  Abt 1881Stockton, Durham, England P2395
14 Gregory, John  1873Stockton, Durham, England P2399
15 Gregory, Mary  Abt 1879Stockton, Durham, England P2396
16 Gregory, William W  1874Stockton, Durham, England P2398
17 Hodgson, Edwin  January 1841Stockton, Durham, England P3779
18 Hodgson, Eleanor (Ellen)  January 1839Stockton, Durham, England P3783
19 Hodgson, Elizabeth  Mar 1837Stockton, Durham, England P3782
20 Hodgson, Jane  Abt 1850Stockton, Durham, England P3781
21 Hodgson, Lucy  Apr 1843Stockton, Durham, England P3777
22 Hodgson, Margaret Ann  29 Mar 1847Stockton, Durham, England P3778
23 Hodgson, William  10 Sep 1811Stockton, Durham, England P3784
24 Hudson, Frank A  Abt 1886Stockton, Durham, England P2450
25 Hudson, Frank Harrison  July 1860Stockton, Durham, England P2443
26 Hudson, Henry Wiley  1843Stockton, Durham, England P2410
27 Hudson, John  Abt 1847Stockton, Durham, England P2444
28 Hudson, John Joseph  14 Aug 1884Stockton, Durham, England P2448
29 Jackson, Jane A  Abt 1842Stockton, Durham, England P6119
30 Jackson, Lucy Margaret Agnes  27 Oct 1877Stockton, Durham, England P1240
31 Laing, Arthur Wilson  January 1872Stockton, Durham, England P72
32 Laing, Charles Edgar Jesse  16 July 1876Stockton, Durham, England P69
33 Laing, Ernest  27 Mar 1866Stockton, Durham, England P27
34 Laing, Ethel Mary  2 Feb 1878Stockton, Durham, England P61
35 Laing, Eva Mary  January 1886Stockton, Durham, England P68
36 Laing, Frederick Dobson  Mar 1874Stockton, Durham, England P70
37 Laing, Frederick William  April 1868Stockton, Durham, England P59
38 Laing, James  25 Oct 1841Stockton, Durham, England P53
39 Laing, Joseph  1815Stockton, Durham, England P3995
40 Laing, Lawrence John  29 Oct 1878Stockton, Durham, England P67
41 Laing, William Sherwood  January 1868Stockton, Durham, England P24
42 Lee, Elizabeth Georgina  Abt 1893Stockton, Durham, England P5560
43 Lee, Esther   P5563
44 Lee, John Henry  Abt 1908Stockton, Durham, England P5564
45 Lee, Lydia  Abt 1898Stockton, Durham, England P5562
46 Lee, Margaret Ellen  Abt 1884Stockton, Durham, England P5565
47 Lee, Mary Ann  Abt 1875Stockton, Durham, England P5569
48 Lee, Samuel  Abt 1873Stockton, Durham, England P5570
49 Lee, Thomas  Abt 1879Stockton, Durham, England P5568
50 Outhred, Anne  Abt 1799Stockton, Durham, England P2416

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Huzzard, Victor  16 Mar 1997Stockton, Durham, England P6945
2 LAING, Agnes  Mar 2007Stockton, Durham, England P1231
3 Laing, Doris May  Jan 1997Stockton, Durham, England P1233
4 Laing, Geoffrey Arnold  15 Apr 1927Stockton, Durham, England P35
5 Laing, Terence Allan  Jan 2001Stockton, Durham, England P1898
6 Lee, John  Jun 1931Stockton, Durham, England P2936
7 Scarth, Dorothy Ann  Mar 1921Stockton, Durham, England P4303
8 Simpson, Mabel  24 Jan 1931Stockton, Durham, England P4165
9 Trenholm, Elizabeth Maud  Mar 1925Stockton, Durham, England P4185
10 Trenholm, Fred  Sep 1936Stockton, Durham, England P4179
11 Trenholm, Thomas William  Dec 1924Stockton, Durham, England P4180
12 Wilkinson, Dorothy Ann  Mar 1934Stockton, Durham, England P3903
13 Wilkinson, Edward Wharton  Mar 1938Stockton, Durham, England P1246


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Laing, Henry  9 Jul 1900Stockton, Durham, England P55
2 Laing, William Sherwood  27 Dec 1889Stockton, Durham, England P24


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Mellanby, Mary  27 Jan 1787Stockton, Durham, England P56


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Laing, Annie Catherine  Abt 1864Stockton, Durham, England P58
2 Laing, Lilian Eleanor  Mar 1881Stockton, Durham, England P66
3 Laing, William Sherwood  Abt 1867Stockton, Durham, England P24
4 Simpson, Mabel  1883Stockton, Durham, England P4165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hodgson, William  1851Stockton, Durham, England P3784
2 Laing, William  1841Stockton, Durham, England P23


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Elizabeth Alice  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2457
2 Ainsworth, Joseph Hume  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2452
3 Ainsworth, Mary Ann  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2447
4 Allen, Mary  1901Stockton, Durham, England P1137
5 Crosby, Anthony  1868Stockton, Durham, England P1252
6 Dobson, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  1871Stockton, Durham, England P73
7 Hudson, Adelaide Darley  1939Stockton, Durham, England P2408
8 Hudson, Frank A  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2450
9 Hudson, John Joseph  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2448
10 Ingles, Alexander  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2453
11 Ingles, Annie Ainsworth  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2451
12 Ingles, Nina  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2454
13 Ingles, William Wiley  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2455
14 Ingles, William Wylie  1901Stockton, Durham, England P2449
15 Laing, Annie Catherine  1901Stockton, Durham, England P58
16 Laing, Ethel Mary  1901Stockton, Durham, England P61
17 Laing, James  1871Stockton, Durham, England P53
18 Laing, Margaret  1871Stockton, Durham, England P77
19 Laing, Walter Herbert  1871Stockton, Durham, England P71
20 Lee, Emma  1881Stockton, Durham, England P5558
21 Lee, John  1881Stockton, Durham, England P2936
22 Lee, Mary Ann  1881Stockton, Durham, England P5569
23 Lee, Samuel  1881Stockton, Durham, England P5570
24 Lee, Thomas  1881Stockton, Durham, England P5568
25 Lee, William  1881Stockton, Durham, England P5559
26 Pedley, Annie Isabel  1939Stockton, Durham, England P45
27 Perry, Ella Hannah  1881Stockton, Durham, England P1587
28 Perry, Frederick William  1881Stockton, Durham, England P37
29 Perry, Henry T  1881Stockton, Durham, England P1583
30 Perry, James  1881Stockton, Durham, England P1578
31 Porter, Joseph Selwyn  1901Stockton, Durham, England P5616
32 Shotton, Mary Forrest  1881Stockton, Durham, England P1577
33 Trattles, Helen  1881Stockton, Durham, England P108
34 Trattles, Jane  1881Stockton, Durham, England P36
35 Trattles, John  1881Stockton, Durham, England P1115
36 Trattles, Mathew  1881Stockton, Durham, England P107
37 Trattles, Robert  1881Stockton, Durham, England P1121
38 White, Mary Eliz.  1881Stockton, Durham, England P345
39 White, Richard II  1881Stockton, Durham, England P346
40 White, Thomas Henry  1881Stockton, Durham, England P342
41 Wilkinson, Hannah Maria  1881Stockton, Durham, England P133
42 Wilkinson, Isabella  1871Stockton, Durham, England P3904
43 Wilkinson, Thomas  1871Stockton, Durham, England P3899
44 Wilson, Mary  1871Stockton, Durham, England P1173

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