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Boston, Lincolnshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Bertha  1882Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3983
2 Allen, Florence A  1877Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3978
3 Allen, Fredk Sam  1875Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3977
4 Allen, Kate  1884Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3980
5 Allen, Lilian  Abt 1879Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3979
6 Allen, Louisa  1888Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3982
7 Anderson, Thomas  1797Boston, Lincolnshire, England P5944
8 Atkinson, Eliza  1858Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3286
9 Barwick, Enoch  6 Mar 1818Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1494
10 Barwick, James Enoch  Abt 1850Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1491
11 Barwick, Sarah Ann  1 Sep 1845Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1490
12 Barwick, William Arthur  1858Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1492
13 Cullen, Rose Selina  Abt 1873Boston, Lincolnshire, England P6556
14 Habbergen, Susannah  Abt 1799Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1539
15 Hall, Benjamin  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1553
16 Hall, Charles  1829Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1561
17 Hall, Eliza Ann  April 1839Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1330
18 Hall, Harriet  Oct 1842Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1560
19 Hall, Mary Ann  Abt 1838Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1557
20 Hall, Robert  1 Dec 1774Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1559
21 Hall, Robert  1801Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1540
22 Hall, Robert  1826Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1555
23 Hall, Susan  Abt 1836Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1556
24 Hall, William  1834Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1327
25 Hall, Zillah  July 1864Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1295
26 Hanks, Edward W  December 9 1866Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3554
27 Hanks, George H  23 Jan 1864Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3553
28 Hanks, John Edward  Abt 1909Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3558
29 Hanks, William Henry  Bef. 14 Nov 1829Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3555
30 Hudson, Ada  Abt 1888Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1496
31 Hudson, Harriet  Abt 1842Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1476
32 Hudson, Mary Ann  January 1840Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1477
33 Jessop, Ethel  1 Sep 1874Boston, Lincolnshire, England P6026
34 Judd, Robert  Abt 1819Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1424
35 Lancaster, Emma  Abt 1885Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1349
36 Thompson, John  1856Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3552
37 Thompson, Lancelot  1836Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3551
38 Toiney, Ann Maria  Bef. 13 Aug 1840Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3543
39 Toiney, Edward  Abt 1838Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3546
40 Toiney, James  Abt 1807Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3548
41 Toiney, James  Abt 1849Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3544
42 Toiney, Naomi  Abt 1844Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3545
43 Toyney, Alice S  Abt 1863Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3550
44 Toyney, Susan  Abt 1825Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3549


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Alice  Jun 1970Boston, Lincolnshire, England P5979
2 Anderson, William  Jun 1938Boston, Lincolnshire, England P5953
3 Barwick, Enoch  5 Aug 1908Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1494
4 Barwick, Sarah Ann  18 Nov 1883Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1490
5 Bell, Mary  January 1839Boston, Lincolnshire, England P258
6 Brooks, Ann  April 1845Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1469
7 Dakin, Annie Timby  Mar 1972Boston, Lincolnshire, England P6073
8 Frith, Alice  Dec 1976Boston, Lincolnshire, England P6531
9 Hall, Elizabeth Ann  Dec 1926Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1300
10 Hall, Robert  Aug 1853Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1540
11 Hudson, John  1884Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1414
12 Hudson, Sarah  20 Jul 1905Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1421
13 Mastin, Mary Ann  Apr 1985Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1385
14 Norris, Lily  Aug 1995Boston, Lincolnshire, England P882
15 Shipley, Joseph Francis  28 Jul 1941Boston, Lincolnshire, England P233
16 Shipley, Leonard  Sep 1977Boston, Lincolnshire, England P250
17 Shipley, William  30 Jan 1932Boston, Lincolnshire, England P236
18 Stephenson, Millie  15 Apr 1943Boston, Lincolnshire, England P251
19 Toiney, Ann Maria  April 1873Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3543
20 Trafford, Elizabeth Hall  Mar 1917Boston, Lincolnshire, England P17
21 Trafford, Leonard Hall  6 Sep 1953Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1296
22 Trafford, Thomas  July 1849Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hall, Harriet  Abt 1843Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Shipley, Joseph Francis  Sep 1941Boston, Lincolnshire, England P233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hall, Robert  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1540
2 Hall, William  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Annie  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3975
2 Allen, Bertha  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3973
3 Allen, Bertha  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3983
4 Allen, Florence A  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3978
5 Allen, Florence A  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3978
6 Allen, Frederick William  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3976
7 Allen, Fredk Sam  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3977
8 Allen, Harry  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3981
9 Allen, Henry  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3974
10 Allen, Henry  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3974
11 Allen, Kate  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3980
12 Allen, Lilian  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3979
13 Allen, Lilian  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3979
14 Allen, Lilian  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3979
15 Allen, Louisa  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3982
16 Allen, Louisa  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3982
17 Atkinson, Benjamin  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3287
18 Atkinson, Benjamin  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3287
19 Atkinson, Eliza  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3286
20 Atkinson, Eliza  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3286
21 Atkinson, Ellen  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3284
22 Atkinson, Mildred Ann  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3274
23 Atkinson, Mildred Ann  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3274
24 Atkinson, Robert  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3278
25 Atkinson, Robert  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3278
26 Atkinson, William Robb  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3283
27 Balderston, Eliza  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3277
28 Balderston, Eliza  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England P3277
29 Barwick, Enoch  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1494
30 Barwick, Enoch  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1494
31 Barwick, Enoch  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1494
32 Barwick, Enoch  1891Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1494
33 Barwick, Enoch  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1494
34 Barwick, James Enoch  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1491
35 Barwick, Louisa Deborah  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1493
36 Barwick, Louisa Deborah  1871Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1493
37 Barwick, Sarah Ann  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1490
38 Barwick, Sarah Ann  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1490
39 Barwick, William Arthur  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1492
40 Habbergen, Susannah  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1539
41 Habbergen, Susannah  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1539
42 Habbergen, Susannah  1861Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1539
43 Habegen, Elizabeth  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1572
44 Hall, Ann  1881Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1307
45 Hall, Benjamin  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1553
46 Hall, Charles  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1561
47 Hall, Elizabeth  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1301
48 Hall, Emma  1901Boston, Lincolnshire, England P6071
49 Hall, Harriet  1851Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1560
50 Hall, John  1841Boston, Lincolnshire, England P1554

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barwick / Hudson  Sep 1843Boston, Lincolnshire, England F231
2 Shipley / Leighton  1869Boston, Lincolnshire, England F36

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