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Leeds, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashland, Charles Hy  Abt 1870Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1341
2 Ashland, Frances Alice  July 1868Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1342
3 Ashland, John T A  Abt 1866Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1343
4 Ashland, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1865Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1344
5 Barwick, Louisa Deborah  Jun 1856Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1493
6 Britton, Alice  2 Nov 1877Leeds, Yorkshire, England P7009
7 Brownfoot, Clara Eliza  Abt 1878Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3300
8 Brownfoot, John  Abt 1840Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3296
9 Dinsdale, Laura Joanne   P4573
10 Ellis, Eliza A  Abt 1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England P5868
11 Ellis, George W  Abt 1887Leeds, Yorkshire, England P5869
12 Ellis, Henry William Jr  6 Aug 1917Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1639
13 Ellis, Martha  Abt 1882Leeds, Yorkshire, England P5870
14 Ellis, Sarah Ann  Abt 1857Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1643
15 Ellis, William  Abt 1848Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1644
16 Hall, Emma  Abt 1839Leeds, Yorkshire, England P6071
17 Hanson, Annie Louisa  Abt 1855Leeds, Yorkshire, England P6108
18 Laing, Cosmo Gordon  23 Dec 1908Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1235
19 Laing, Dorothy Maria  Abt 1895Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1221
20 Laing, Phyllis  Abt 1900Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1237
21 Laing, Reginald Russell  24 Aug 1892Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1220
22 Laing, Wallace  Abt 1904Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1236
23 Metcalfe, Mary Ann  09 Jun 1872Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1238
24 Pease, Alice   P7012
25 Pease, David  17 Aug 1900Leeds, Yorkshire, England P7008
26 Pease, Edgar  1902Leeds, Yorkshire, England P7014
27 Pease, Harold  Oct 1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England P7011
28 Russell, Ellen K.  1873Leeds, Yorkshire, England P4745
29 Russell, John R.  1879Leeds, Yorkshire, England P4741
30 Russell, Joseph F.  1874Leeds, Yorkshire, England P4744
31 Russell, Kate  Abt 1852Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3316
32 Russell, Louise  1877Leeds, Yorkshire, England P4743
33 Russell, William  1843Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3317
34 Russell, William E.  1878Leeds, Yorkshire, England P4742
35 Shannan, Edith Evelyn  20 Sep 1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3323
36 Shannan, Frank Daniel  Abt 1889Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3333
37 Shannan, George Ernest  Abt 1896Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3331
38 Shannan, Mildred Maria  Abt 1891Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3332
39 Shannan, Reginald  Abt 1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3328
40 Walton, Emma  Abt 1828Leeds, Yorkshire, England P479
41 Whitehead, Annie M.  Leeds, Yorkshire, England P6106
42 Whitehead, John B.  Abt 1876Leeds, Yorkshire, England P6107


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Britton, Alice  1955Leeds, Yorkshire, England P7009
2 Laing, Cosmo Gordon  May 1984Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1137
2 Ashland, Charles Hy  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1341
3 Ashland, Charles Richard  1851Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1340
4 Ashland, Charles Richard  1861Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1340
5 Ashland, Charles Richard  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1340
6 Ashland, Frances Alice  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1342
7 Ashland, John T A  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1343
8 Ashland, Mary Elizabeth  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1344
9 Barwick, Enoch  1851Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1494
10 Barwick, James Enoch  1851Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1491
11 Barwick, Sarah Ann  1851Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1490
12 Britton, Alice  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P7009
13 Brownfoot, Annie  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3302
14 Brownfoot, Clara Eliza  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3300
15 Brownfoot, Eliza  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3295
16 Brownfoot, Harry  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3301
17 Brownfoot, John  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3296
18 Brownfoot, Lilian  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1218
19 Cowele, Tamar Sophia  1891Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3326
20 Cowele, Tamar Sophia  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3326
21 Cowele, Tamar Sophia  1908Leeds, Yorkshire, England P3326
22 Ellis, Eliza A  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P5868
23 Ellis, George W  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P5869
24 Ellis, Henry  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1642
25 Ellis, Martha  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P5870
26 Ellis, Sarah Ann  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1643
27 Ellis, William  1901Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1644
28 Hall, Eliza Ann  1861Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1330
29 Hall, Eliza Ann  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1330
30 Hanson, Annie Louisa  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P6108
31 Hudson, Sarah  1851Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1421
32 Jennings, Maria  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1629
33 Jennings, Maria  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1629
34 Jennings, Maria  1891Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1629
35 Laing, Annie Catherine  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P58
36 Laing, Arthur Edwin  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P65
37 Laing, Ethel Mary  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P61
38 Laing, Frederick William  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P59
39 Laing, Henry  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P55
40 Laing, Henry Allen  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P62
41 Laing, Oswald George  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P64
42 Neal, Anna M  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1633
43 Neal, George  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1635
44 Neal, Joseph  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1622
45 Neal, Joseph  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1622
46 Neal, Joseph  1891Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1622
47 Neal, Richard  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1632
48 Neal, Richard  1881Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1632
49 Neal, Stephen  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1634
50 Neal, Walter  1871Leeds, Yorkshire, England P1636

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