Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Ayers, Benjamin  Abt 1842England P6709 Ancestry file 
52 Ayers, Benjamin  Abt 1842England P6709 Laing family 0106202 
53 Nuttall, Rachel  1838England P8836 Ancestry file 
54 Nuttall, Rachel  1838England P8836 Laing family 0106202 
55 Winduss, Louisa Mary  08 Jul 1835England P9958 Ancestry file 
56 Winduss, Louisa Mary  08 Jul 1835England P9958 Laing family 0106202 
57 Rodwell, Mary Ann  18 Jan 1830England P5653 Ancestry file 
58 Rodwell, Mary Ann  18 Jan 1830England P5653 Laing family 0106202 
59 Kenmure, Charles  Abt 1830England P5149 Ancestry file 
60 Kenmure, Charles  Abt 1830England P5149 Laing family 0106202 
61 FORD, William  Abt 1830England P7992 Ancestry file 
62 FORD, William  Abt 1830England P7992 Laing family 0106202 
63 FORD, Edwin  Abt 1830England P7993 Ancestry file 
64 FORD, Edwin  Abt 1830England P7993 Laing family 0106202 
65 Power, Stephen  Abt 1829England P2383 Ancestry file 
66 Power, Stephen  Abt 1829England P2383 Laing family 0106202 
67 Liardet, Caroline  Abt 1829England P886 Ancestry file 
68 Liardet, Caroline  Abt 1829England P886 Laing family 0106202 
69 Bower, William  2 September 1828England P11929 Ancestry file 
70 Bower, William  2 September 1828England P11929 Laing family 0106202 
71 Morley, Louisa Eliza Evelyn  About 1827England P3422 Ancestry file 
72 Morley, Louisa Eliza Evelyn  About 1827England P3422 Laing family 0106202 
73 Leedham, Thomas  1820England P13056 Ancestry file 
74 Leedham, Thomas  1820England P13056 Laing family 0106202 
75 Clark, Hannah  1819England P6741 Ancestry file 
76 Clark, Hannah  1819England P6741 Laing family 0106202 
77 Allen, Charlotte  Apr 1816England P729 Ancestry file 
78 Allen, Charlotte  Apr 1816England P729 Laing family 0106202 
79 Allen, Charlotte  1816England P571 The Short Tree 
80 Wilkinson, Elizabeth Emma  21 Feb 1813England P8200 Ancestry file 
81 Wilkinson, Elizabeth Emma  21 Feb 1813England P8200 Laing family 0106202 
82 Cohen, Baron Barnett  1810England P11048 Ancestry file 
83 Cohen, Baron Barnett  1810England P11048 Laing family 0106202 
84 Shaw, Rebecca  Abt 1800England P11004 Ancestry file 
85 Shaw, Rebecca  Abt 1800England P11004 Laing family 0106202 
86 Ireland, William  1796England P8655 Ancestry file 
87 Ireland, William  1796England P8655 Laing family 0106202 
88 Ingram, William Moon  1786England P3428 Ancestry file 
89 Ingram, William Moon  1786England P3428 Laing family 0106202 
90 Ingram, John Lake  1784England P5238 Ancestry file 
91 Ingram, John Lake  1784England P5238 Laing family 0106202 
92 Stringer, Sarah  Abt. 1775England P8169 Ancestry file 
93 Stringer, Sarah  Abt. 1775England P8169 Laing family 0106202 
94 Howarth, Betty  Abt 1766England P747 Ancestry file 
95 Howarth, Betty  Abt 1766England P747 Laing family 0106202 
96 Weaver, Joseph Henry George  1764England P736 Ancestry file 
97 Weaver, Joseph Henry George  1764England P736 Laing family 0106202 
98 Cohen, Sarah Townsend  1730England P11035 Ancestry file 
99 Cohen, Sarah Townsend  1730England P11035 Laing family 0106202 
100 Cohen, Baron Burnett I  Abt. 1730England P11036 Ancestry file 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
51 Aylward, Alice  1515England P1181 Ancestry file 
52 Aylward, Alice  1515England P1181 Laing family 0106202 
53 Carminow, John  1510England P4695 Ancestry file 
54 Carminow, John  1510England P4695 Laing family 0106202 
55 Woods, Alice  England P11907 Ancestry file 
56 Woods, Alice  England P11907 Laing family 0106202 
57 Willers, George  England P6266 Ancestry file 
58 Willers, George  England P6266 Laing family 0106202 
59 Willers, Catherine  England P6268 Ancestry file 
60 Willers, Catherine  England P6268 Laing family 0106202 
61 Stringer, Sarah  England P8169 Ancestry file 
62 Stringer, Sarah  England P8169 Laing family 0106202 
63 Pryerman, Rowland  England P7200 Ancestry file 
64 Pryerman, Rowland  England P7200 Laing family 0106202 
65 O'Hagan, William  England P3634 Ancestry file 
66 O'Hagan, William  England P3634 Laing family 0106202 
67 Kemp, James Dr  England P9614 Ancestry file 
68 Kemp, James Dr  England P9614 Laing family 0106202 
69 Hanson, Susanna  England P7113 Ancestry file 
70 Hanson, Susanna  England P7113 Laing family 0106202 
71 Cornewall, Henrietta  England P7665 Ancestry file 
72 Cornewall, Henrietta  England P7665 Laing family 0106202 
73 Cohen, Sarah Townsend  England P11035 Ancestry file 
74 Cohen, Sarah Townsend  England P11035 Laing family 0106202 

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