Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Barking, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albon, Samuel Kenyon  1826Barking, Essex, England I292098557976 Ancestry file 
2 Albon, Samuel Kenyon  1826Barking, Essex, England I292078590091 Ancestry file 
3 Archer, Ellen  Abt 1848Barking, Essex, England I292026362623 Ancestry file 
4 Archer, Mary  Abt 1844Barking, Essex, England I292026362621 Ancestry file 
5 Archer, Sarah Ann  1841Barking, Essex, England I292026361607 Ancestry file 
6 Archer, Thomas  January 1850Barking, Essex, England I292026362625 Ancestry file 
7 Bonnett, Walter  2 February 1840Barking, Essex, England I292002574534 Ancestry file 
8 Butler, Ronald Frederick  11 Oct 1927Barking, Essex, England I292278594101 Ancestry file 
9 Coppen, Cyril  16 May 1893Barking, Essex, England I292126414314 Ancestry file 
10 Coppen, Marjorie  Abt 1887Barking, Essex, England I292126414459 Ancestry file 
11 Coppen, Olive Eva  1 Jan 1895Barking, Essex, England I292126414460 Ancestry file 
12 Coppen, Ruby  Abt 1886Barking, Essex, England I292126414458 Ancestry file 
13 Coppen, Thomas Linsell  31 Oct 1882Barking, Essex, England I292126414456 Ancestry file 
14 Coppen, Winifred Ada  Abt 1884Barking, Essex, England I292126414457 Ancestry file 
15 Erratt, Eliza  16 Sep 1884Barking, Essex, England I292255041449 Ancestry file 
16 Firman, Edwin William  Abt 1857Barking, Essex, England I292089365299 Ancestry file 
17 Flowers, Emily Louisa  October 1859Barking, Essex, England I292138363158 Ancestry file 
18 Flowers, Ruth  October 1848Barking, Essex, England I292037645706 Ancestry file 
19 Gale, Emma  Abt 1822Barking, Essex, England I292026399854 Ancestry file 
20 Hall, Gladys Winifred  12 March 1913Barking, Essex, England I292371660652 Ancestry file 
21 Harris, Emma F  1862Barking, Essex, England I292005142897 Ancestry file 
22 Kemp, Selina  Between Apr and Jun 1849Barking, Essex, England I292171881832 Ancestry file 
23 Mitchell, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Barking, Essex, England I292017772119 Ancestry file 
24 Mitchell, George  Abt 1843Barking, Essex, England I292026399920 Ancestry file 
25 Mitchell, William  Abt 1849Barking, Essex, England I292026399924 Ancestry file 
26 Palmer, Thomas  6 Mar 1788Barking, Essex, England I292089632298 Ancestry file 
27 Parish, George  1843Barking, Essex, England I292301030332 Ancestry file 
28 Parish, Samuel Hide  1848Barking, Essex, England I292301030333 Ancestry file 
29 Parrish, Charles  15 Apr 1827Barking, Essex, England I292301031118 Ancestry file 
30 Parrish, Daniel  20 Mar 1808Barking, Essex, England I292301030707 Ancestry file 
31 Parrish, Edith  Apr 1868Barking, Essex, England I292301031240 Ancestry file 
32 Parrish, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1832Barking, Essex, England I292004994515 Ancestry file 
33 Parrish, Frances  1842Barking, Essex, England I292301030331 Ancestry file 
34 Parrish, George  5 Apr 1803Barking, Essex, England I292098010581 Ancestry file 
35 Parrish, George  Nov 1813Barking, Essex, England I292301030706 Ancestry file 
36 Parrish, George  Nov 1813Barking, Essex, England I292206754445 Ancestry file 
37 Parrish, James Steel  Jan 1836Barking, Essex, England I292301031132 Ancestry file 
38 Parrish, Phoebe  Jan 1870Barking, Essex, England I292301031244 Ancestry file 
39 Parrish, Rachel  25 Jul 1856Barking, Essex, England I292301031230 Ancestry file 
40 Rippingale, Henry Thomas  October 1845Barking, Essex, England I292003845018 Ancestry file 
41 Rippingale, Joseph  Abt 1823Barking, Essex, England I292003845016 Ancestry file 
42 Sawkins, Elizabeth Mary (Mary)  24 Nov 1872Barking, Essex, England I292005146878 Ancestry file 
43 West, Doris Ruth  28th June 1906Barking, Essex, England I292255041450 Ancestry file 
44 West, Eunice I   I292255041455 Ancestry file 
45 West, Ronald G E   I292255041457 Ancestry file 
46 West, Ruby Maud  Jan 1908Barking, Essex, England I292255041452 Ancestry file 
47 Wilding, George W  Abt 1833Barking, Essex, England I292005153260 Ancestry file 
48 Willers, Amy Blanch  21 May 1890Barking, Essex, England I292005146659 Ancestry file 
49 Willers, Arthur Ernest  23 Oct 1873Barking, Essex, England I292325005668 Ancestry file 
50 Willers, Arthur Ernest  23 Oct 1873Barking, Essex, England I292005142488 Ancestry file 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Archer, Esther Henrietta  8 March 1951Barking, Essex, England I292249800750 Ancestry file 
2 Blazeby, William junior  29 Feb 1916Barking, Essex, England I292235216540 Ancestry file 
3 Moore, Richard  May 1801Barking, Essex, England I292216792876 Ancestry file 
4 Pitrie, Elizabeth  16 July 1773Barking, Essex, England I292095287059 Ancestry file 
5 Willers, Henry Coppen  Jul 1840Barking, Essex, England I292005003216 Ancestry file 
6 Willers, Maria  April 1844Barking, Essex, England I292005153430 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moore, Richard  08 May 1801Barking, Essex, England I292216792876 Ancestry file 
2 Patten, Ellen  10 Mar 1887Barking, Essex, England I292005142485 Ancestry file 
3 Willers, Maria  06 Apr 1844Barking, Essex, England I292005153430 Ancestry file 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Hunsdon / Jackson  25 Dec 1770Barking, Essex, England F4079 Ancestry file 
2 Parrish / Edwards  25 Dec 1849Barking, Essex, England F712 Ancestry file 
3 Parrish / Steele  19 Jun 1825Barking, Essex, England F713 Ancestry file 
4 Phillips / Willers  24 Apr 1910Barking, Essex, England F1065 Ancestry file 
5 Willers / Gasson  09 Aug 1906Barking, Essex, England F2703 Ancestry file 
6 Willers / Sawkins  03 Sep 1893Barking, Essex, England F1029 Ancestry file 

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