Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Dagenham, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALBON, Charles Spencer  Mar 1903Dagenham, Essex, England P7100 Ancestry file 
2 ALBON, Richard John  1888Dagenham, Essex, England P7104 Ancestry file 
3 ALBON, Violet May  21 May 1892Dagenham, Essex, England P7102 Ancestry file 
4 ARCHER, Alfred  Abt 1846Dagenham, Essex, England P6635 Ancestry file 
5 ARCHER, Alice M  1863Dagenham, Essex, England P6650 Ancestry file 
6 ARCHER, Caroline  Abt 1841Dagenham, Essex, England P6638 Ancestry file 
7 ARCHER, Charles  Abt 1833Dagenham, Essex, England P6641 Ancestry file 
8 ARCHER, Elizabeth  Abt 1823Dagenham, Essex, England P5353 Ancestry file 
9 ARCHER, Elizabeth  1853Dagenham, Essex, England P6633 Ancestry file 
10 ARCHER, Emma  Abt 1843Dagenham, Essex, England P6637 Ancestry file 
11 ARCHER, Ester S  1858Dagenham, Essex, England P6647 Ancestry file 
12 ARCHER, George  1834Dagenham, Essex, England P6642 Ancestry file 
13 ARCHER, Hellen  1861Dagenham, Essex, England P6646 Ancestry file 
14 ARCHER, Henry  1850Dagenham, Essex, England P6630 Ancestry file 
15 ARCHER, James  1857Dagenham, Essex, England P6631 Ancestry file 
16 ARCHER, John  Abt 1813Dagenham, Essex, England P6670 Ancestry file 
17 ARCHER, Minnie  Abt 1865Dagenham, Essex, England P6649 Ancestry file 
18 ARCHER, Sarah Ann  Abt 1837Dagenham, Essex, England P6640 Ancestry file 
19 ARCHER, Susan  Abt 1839Dagenham, Essex, England P6639 Ancestry file 
20 ARCHER, Thomas  Abt 1786Dagenham, Essex, England P5351 Ancestry file 
21 ARCHER, William  Abt 1844Dagenham, Essex, England P6636 Ancestry file 
22 COPPEN, Charles  1826Dagenham, Essex, England P5322 Ancestry file 
23 COPPEN, Charles  1826Dagenham, Essex, England P6628 Ancestry file 
24 COPPEN, Charles  Abt 1871Dagenham, Essex, England P5380 Ancestry file 
25 COPPEN, Charles  Abt 1871Dagenham, Essex, England P8032 Ancestry file 
26 COPPEN, Coulson P.  Abt 1865Dagenham, Essex, England P5377 Ancestry file 
27 COPPEN, Coulson Parrish  October 1864Dagenham, Essex, England P5342 Ancestry file 
28 COPPEN, Elizabeth  Abt 1821Dagenham, Essex, England P5321 Ancestry file 
29 COPPEN, George  1817Dagenham, Essex, England P5325 Ancestry file 
30 COPPEN, George  1860Dagenham, Essex, England P5378 Ancestry file 
31 COPPEN, George  1871Dagenham, Essex, England P5336 Ancestry file 
32 COPPEN, Jane  Abt 1823Dagenham, Essex, England P153 Ancestry file 
33 COPPEN, Joseph  Abt 1828Dagenham, Essex, England P5324 Ancestry file 
34 COPPEN, Joseph  Abt 1862Dagenham, Essex, England P5339 Ancestry file 
35 COPPEN, Mary Ann  1860Dagenham, Essex, England P5341 Ancestry file 
36 COPPEN, Maude  Abt 1867Dagenham, Essex, England P5376 Ancestry file 
37 COPPEN, Maude  Abt 1867Dagenham, Essex, England P8033 Ancestry file 
38 COPPEN, Silena  January 1865Dagenham, Essex, England P5340 Ancestry file 
39 COPPEN, Thomas L  Abt 1859Dagenham, Essex, England P8034 Ancestry file 
40 COPPEN, Thomas Linsell  Abt 1859Dagenham, Essex, England P5379 Ancestry file 
41 COPPEN, Valentine  Abt 1863Dagenham, Essex, England P5338 Ancestry file 
42 COPPIN, Elizabeth  1791Dagenham, Essex, England P5346 Ancestry file 
43 DEATH, George  1864Dagenham, Essex, England P5422 Ancestry file 
44 DEATH, William  Abt 1866Dagenham, Essex, England P5421 Ancestry file 
45 HANSCOMB, Elizabeth  Abt 1840Dagenham, Essex, England P7980 Ancestry file 
46 HUNSDON, Ann  1811Dagenham, Essex, England P7972 Ancestry file 
47 HUNSDON, Elizabeth  Abt. 1816Dagenham, Essex, England P5369 Ancestry file 
48 HUNSDON, Mary Ann  20 Jun 1854Dagenham, Essex, England P7982 Ancestry file 
49 HUNSDON, Robert  1814Dagenham, Essex, England P7970 Ancestry file 
50 HUNSDON, Robert  Abt 1848Dagenham, Essex, England P7984 Ancestry file 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 COPPEN, William  1824Dagenham, Essex, England P5354 Ancestry file 
2 PALMER, Thomas  27 May 1848Dagenham, Essex, England P7986 Ancestry file 
3 TURPIN, Rebecca  23 May 1848Dagenham, Essex, England P7182 Ancestry file 
4 WEST, Edward John  Jun 1969Dagenham, Essex, England P5395 Ancestry file 

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