Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Lincolnshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ELIZABETH  Abt 1705Lincolnshire, England P7961 Ancestry file 
2 HANNAH  About 1801Lincolnshire, England P7487 Ancestry file 
3 ATKINSON, James  Abt 1831Lincolnshire, England P4284 Ancestry file 
4 ATKINSON, Mildred  Abt 1826Lincolnshire, England P4285 Ancestry file 
5 BALL, Ann  Abt 1750Lincolnshire, England P8098 Ancestry file 
6 BARTON, John  Abt 1605Lincolnshire, England P6707 Ancestry file 
7 BROOKS, Ann  Abt 1791Lincolnshire, England P1569 Ancestry file 
8 BROWN, Charles  Abt 1745Lincolnshire, England P8099 Ancestry file 
9 CHAPMAN, Elizabeth  1704lincolnshire, england P1529 Ancestry file 
10 COPELAND, Kenneth Harry  Jun 1918Lincolnshire, England P6922 Ancestry file 
11 Crampton, John  1800Lincolnshire, England P1302 The Short Tree 
12 CRAMPTON, John  1800Lincolnshire, England P1636 Ancestry file 
13 Eaton, Louise Annie  Abt 1856Lincolnshire, England P1109 The Short Tree 
14 EATON, Louise Annie  Abt 1856Lincolnshire, England P1392 Ancestry file 
15 GIBBINS, Elizabeth  1736Lincolnshire, England P6814 Ancestry file 
16 GIBBONS, William  Abt 1791Lincolnshire, England P1547 Ancestry file 
17 GRANT, Mary  1797Lincolnshire, England P6831 Ancestry file 
18 Hall, John  1833Lincolnshire, England P1326 The Short Tree 
19 HALL, John  1833Lincolnshire, England P1663 Ancestry file 
20 HALL, Louise A  1856Lincolnshire, England P4221 Ancestry file 
21 Hall, William  Abt 1771Lincolnshire, England P999 The Short Tree 
22 HALL, William  Abt 1771Lincolnshire, England P1256 Ancestry file 
23 IRELAND, Harriet  Abt 1821Lincolnshire, England P6973 Ancestry file 
24 LAWRENCE, Elisabeth  Bef. 24 Jun 1770Lincolnshire, England P253 Ancestry file 
25 Lawrence, Elizabeth  Abt 1770Lincolnshire, England P219 The Short Tree 
26 Lawson, Mary  1773Lincolnshire, England P998 The Short Tree 
27 LAWSON, Mary  1773Lincolnshire, England P1255 Ancestry file 
28 MAJOR, Elizabeth  Abt 1761Lincolnshire, England P6389 Ancestry file 
29 MAJOR, George  Abt 1834Lincolnshire, England P6387 Ancestry file 
30 MAJOR, Henry  Abt 1826Lincolnshire, England P6388 Ancestry file 
31 MAJOR, Robert  Abt 1781Lincolnshire, England P4201 Ancestry file 
32 REED, Elizabeth  1725Lincolnshire, England P7956 Ancestry file 
33 REED, JOHN  Abt 1700Lincolnshire, England P7962 Ancestry file 
34 Shipley, Richard  1770Lincolnshire, England P220 The Short Tree 
35 SHIPLEY, Richard  1770Lincolnshire, England P254 Ancestry file 
36 SIMPSON, Charles  Abt 1786Lincolnshire, England P7378 Ancestry file 
37 TAYLOR, Benjamin  Abt 1821Lincolnshire, England P6984 Ancestry file 
38 TAYLOR, Mary  Abt 1821Lincolnshire, England P6983 Ancestry file 
39 Trafford, Ann  Abt 1791Lincolnshire, England P1251 The Short Tree 
40 Trafford, Catherine  Abt 1832Lincolnshire, England P239 The Short Tree 
41 TRAFFORD, Catherine  Abt 1832Lincolnshire, England P281 Ancestry file 
42 Trafford, Frances  Abt 1838Lincolnshire, England P240 The Short Tree 
43 TRAFFORD, Frances  Abt 1838Lincolnshire, England P282 Ancestry file 
44 Trafford, Grace  Abt 1843Lincolnshire, England P241 The Short Tree 
45 TRAFFORD, Grace  Abt 1843Lincolnshire, England P283 Ancestry file 
46 TRAFFORD, Grace  Abt 1843Lincolnshire, England P7257 Ancestry file 
47 TRAFFORD, Kate  Abt 1832Lincolnshire, England P7258 Ancestry file 
48 Trafford, Thomas  10 Sep 1783Lincolnshire, England P1226 The Short Tree 
49 Trafford, Thomas  Abt 1826Lincolnshire, England P1250 The Short Tree 
50 Trafford, Thomas  Abt 1837Lincolnshire, England P395 The Short Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Angelina  12 Feb 1893Lincolnshire, England P279 Ancestry file 
2 BABINGTON, Lucy Elizabeth  5 Jul 1896Lincolnshire, England P8061 Ancestry file 
3 BOOTHBY, Dorothy  10 Feb 1856Lincolnshire, England P6992 Ancestry file 
4 Hare, William  25 Nov 1930Lincolnshire, England P1242 The Short Tree 
5 HARE, William  25 Nov 1930Lincolnshire, England P1557 Ancestry file 
6 Hudson, William  24 Mar 1922Lincolnshire, England P1180 The Short Tree 
7 HUDSON, William  24 Mar 1922Lincolnshire, England P1483 Ancestry file 
8 LANGTON, ELIZABETH  June 1806Lincolnshire, England P8618 Ancestry file 
9 Shipley, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1912Lincolnshire, England P222 The Short Tree 
10 SHIPLEY, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1912Lincolnshire, England P256 Ancestry file 
11 WILKINSON, John  5 Sep 1873Lincolnshire, England P1448 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Angelina  16 Feb 1893Lincolnshire, England P279 Ancestry file 
2 COPELAND, Harry  20 Mar 1933Lincolnshire, England P6824 Ancestry file 
3 CULLEN, Frederick Charles  6 Aug 1976Lincolnshire, England P6929 Ancestry file 
4 TINSLEY, Eliza Ann West  17 May 1932Lincolnshire, England P6914 Ancestry file 

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