Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Norwich, Norfolk, England



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Back, Henry  Abt 1811Norwich, Norfolk, England I290157231182 Ancestry file 
2 Bacon, Albert  16 July 1897Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640382 Ancestry file 
3 Bacon, Alexander Charles  24 May 1894Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640384 Ancestry file 
4 Bacon, Alice  03 Sept 1893Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640380 Ancestry file 
5 Bacon, Harry  14 Oct 1895Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640381 Ancestry file 
6 Bacon, William Harrison  4 Jul 1868Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640378 Ancestry file 
7 Bartram Gaul, Ann  17 Oct 1823Norwich, Norfolk, England I292026004262 Ancestry file 
8 Bartram Gaul, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1825Norwich, Norfolk, England I292026004256 Ancestry file 
9 Belham, Hannah ?  1816Norwich, Norfolk, England I292235216132 Ancestry file 
10 Blazeby, James  1789Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356535 Ancestry file 
11 Blazeby, John  1812Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356544 Ancestry file 
12 Blazeby, Mary  1772Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356533 Ancestry file 
13 Blazeby, Mary Ann  8 Jan 1803Norwich, Norfolk, England I290106315602 Ancestry file 
14 Blazeby, Samuel  1779Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356534 Ancestry file 
15 Blazeby, Sarah  1782Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356524 Ancestry file 
16 Blazeby, Thomas  Abt 1770Norwich, Norfolk, England I292026230264 Ancestry file 
17 Blazeby, Thomas  25 March 1770Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356528 Ancestry file 
18 Blazeby, William  1785Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356525 Ancestry file 
19 Blazeby, William junior  1836Norwich, Norfolk, England I292235216540 Ancestry file 
20 Canham, Elizabeth  27 June 1812Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358519 Ancestry file 
21 Canham, Frederic D  1822Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358513 Ancestry file 
22 Canham, James  1776Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358511 Ancestry file 
23 Canham, James  27 Mar 1804Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074359140 Ancestry file 
24 Canham, John  28 Jun 1817Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358517 Ancestry file 
25 Canham, Lucretia  1808Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358512 Ancestry file 
26 Canham, Samuel  Abt 1810Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358520 Ancestry file 
27 Canham, Sarah  1810Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358514 Ancestry file 
28 Canham, William  17 Jun 1806Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358516 Ancestry file 
29 Laing, Susan  Abt 1784Norwich, Norfolk, England I292024739246 Ancestry file 
30 Moore, Elizabeth  Abt 1812Norwich, Norfolk, England I292235216536 Ancestry file 
31 Parker, Eleanor  Abt 1717Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295278603 Ancestry file 
32 Peysdale  Abt 1883Norwich, Norfolk, England I292143492872 Ancestry file 
33 Postel, An  1676Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295285919 Ancestry file 
34 Postel, Robert  1674Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295285922 Ancestry file 
35 Postle, Thomas  1680Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295278656 Ancestry file 
36 Rix, Albert  Abt 1865Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640188 Ancestry file 
37 Rix, Alice  Abt 1874Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640186 Ancestry file 
38 Rix, John  4 May 1829Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640183 Ancestry file 
39 Rix, Thomas  1858Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640190 Ancestry file 
40 Rix, William  1827Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640182 Ancestry file 
41 Stannard, Kathleen Louise  20 Mar 1892Norwich, Norfolk, England I292239938201 Ancestry file 
42 Taylor, Blanche ELizabeth Laing  January 1870Norwich, Norfolk, England I292024749138 Ancestry file 
43 Taylor, Charlotte M L  Abt 1868Norwich, Norfolk, England I292024749134 Ancestry file 
44 Wiley, Paul A   I292003528575 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bacon, William  1875Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295268646 Ancestry file 
2 Blazeby, James  Jul 1791Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356535 Ancestry file 
3 Blazeby, John  Bef 1871Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356544 Ancestry file 
4 Canham, John  Jan 1818Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358517 Ancestry file 
5 Canham, Samuel  Bef 1861Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358520 Ancestry file 
6 Canham, William  Oct 1810Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074358516 Ancestry file 
7 Coppin, Olive Iris  Jan 1995Norwich, Norfolk, England I292003528231 Ancestry file 
8 Davy, Jehosaphat  11 Apr 1689Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295327435 Ancestry file 
9 Deavie, Ann  25 Sep 1702Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295327126 Ancestry file 
10 Laing, David  19 Jun 1923Norwich, Norfolk, England I292033229632 Ancestry file 
11 Laing, Leonard  29 Jun 1961Norwich, Norfolk, England I292033229643 Ancestry file 
12 Laing, Sabina  21 May 1922Norwich, Norfolk, England I292033229634 Ancestry file 
13 Postle, Charles  22 Aug 1741Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295327134 Ancestry file 
14 Postle, Thomas  About 1696Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295285917 Ancestry file 
15 Postle, Thomas  1757Norwich, Norfolk, England I292295278602 Ancestry file 
16 Rix, Alice  Mar 1945Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640186 Ancestry file 
17 Rix, Harry  27 Jan 1952Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640185 Ancestry file 
18 Rix, Richard 'Dick'  July 1903Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640187 Ancestry file 
19 Rix, Thomas  Mar 1920Norwich, Norfolk, England I292219640190 Ancestry file 
20 Satherley, Geoffrey  Dec 1992Norwich, Norfolk, England I292020454302 Ancestry file 
21 Wiley, Alfred Thomas  Feb 2007Norwich, Norfolk, England I292003528299 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blazeby, James  08 Jul 1791Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356535 Ancestry file 
2 Blazeby, Mary  23 Apr 1790Norwich, Norfolk, England I292074356533 Ancestry file 
3 Blazeby, Thomas  16 Mar 1800Norwich, Norfolk, England I292026230507 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blazeby / Tillyard  19 Feb 1799Norwich, Norfolk, England F1844 Ancestry file 
2 Stannard / Cable  January 1890Norwich, Norfolk, England F1825 Ancestry file 
3 Warnes / Bartram Gaul  July 1845Norwich, Norfolk, England F820 Ancestry file 

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