Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Romford, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albon, Richard John  1861Romford, Essex, England I292037886506 Ancestry file 
2 Archer, Sarah E  1880Romford, Essex, England I292026361603 Ancestry file 
3 Brewster, David Henry  25 Jul 1928Romford, Essex, England I292301031579 Ancestry file 
4 Brewster, Phillip Thomas  30 Jul 1926Romford, Essex, England I292301031577 Ancestry file 
5 Broad, Lillian Winifred  6 May 1914Romford, Essex, England I292171884259 Ancestry file 
6 Clarke, Shirley G   I292005390126 Ancestry file 
7 Coppen, Ann  1813Romford, Essex, England I292002569485 Ancestry file 
8 Coppen, John Philip  1776Romford, Essex, England I292003517182 Ancestry file 
9 Coppen, Selina Moore  Abt 1812Romford, Essex, England I292002572507 Ancestry file 
10 Coppen, Thomas  Abt 1784Romford, Essex, England I292002568583 Ancestry file 
11 Coppen, Thomas Linsell  1811Romford, Essex, England I292002572508 Ancestry file 
12 Death, Selina Coppen  March 1838Romford, Essex, England I292002592577 Ancestry file 
13 Fox, Annie May  8 Aug 1885Romford, Essex, England I290159181683 Ancestry file 
14 Fox, Frederic J  1888Romford, Essex, England I290159181948 Ancestry file 
15 Hunsdon, Sophia  1819Romford, Essex, England I292089630959 Ancestry file 
16 Manning, William  16 Aug 1752Romford, Essex, England I292283994500 Ancestry file 
17 Minnis, John  Abt 1838Romford, Essex, England I290190483275 Ancestry file 
18 Rippingale, Eliza  Abt 1864Romford, Essex, England I292003845318 Ancestry file 
19 Rippingale, Jane  Abt 1866Romford, Essex, England I292003845320 Ancestry file 
20 Rippingale, John  Abt 1859Romford, Essex, England I292003845152 Ancestry file 
21 Rippingale, Joseph  1858Romford, Essex, England I292003845151 Ancestry file 
22 Rippingale, Louisa  Abt 1868Romford, Essex, England I292003845321 Ancestry file 
23 Smith, Eliza  1853Romford, Essex, England I292326708516 Ancestry file 
24 Smith, Henry  Abt 1842Romford, Essex, England I292326708406 Ancestry file 
25 Smith, Louisa  Abt 1844Romford, Essex, England I292326708407 Ancestry file 
26 Smith, Mary  Abt 1847Romford, Essex, England I292326708409 Ancestry file 
27 Smith, Thomas  Abt 1851Romford, Essex, England I292326708410 Ancestry file 
28 Smith, William  Abt 1846Romford, Essex, England I292326708408 Ancestry file 
29 Sorrell, Thomas  Abt 1817Romford, Essex, England I292146841370 Ancestry file 
30 Steers, Thomas  Abt 1855Romford, Essex, England I292003846238 Ancestry file 
31 Tweed, Mary Dyce  14 Dec 1927Romford, Essex, England I292357057133 Ancestry file 
32 WILLERS, Clara Ellen  03 Jan 1879Romford, Essex, England I292325004628 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albon, Eliza Wakeling  21 December 1924Romford, Essex, England I292037651426 Ancestry file 
2 Ambrose, Jane  11 Jan 1845Romford, Essex, England I292070758142 Ancestry file 
3 Archer, Charles  10 October 1901Romford, Essex, England I292171881816 Ancestry file 
4 Archer, Eliza  Mar Qtr 1938Romford, Essex, England I292361401694 Ancestry file 
5 Archer, Sarah Ann  1933Romford, Essex, England I292026326571 Ancestry file 
6 Archer, Susan  Mar 1930Romford, Essex, England I292026326572 Ancestry file 
7 Archer, William George  Dec 1935Romford, Essex, England I292026361610 Ancestry file 
8 Barrett, Florence  21 Jun 1930Romford, Essex, England I292278594096 Ancestry file 
9 Blazeby, John 'snr'  1866Romford, Essex, England I292235216537 Ancestry file 
10 Blazeby, Robert senior  Mar 1928Romford, Essex, England I292235216542 Ancestry file 
11 Bonnett, Edward  7 May 1951Romford, Essex, England I292002574535 Ancestry file 
12 Brewster, Doreen Margaret  26/05/1925Romford, Essex, England I292301031578 Ancestry file 
13 Burder, Catherine  Jun 1929Romford, Essex, England I292003518474 Ancestry file 
14 Coppen, Coulson Parrish  16 Nov 1946Romford, Essex, England I292026249515 Ancestry file 
15 Coppen, Edith Anne  29 Jul 1944Romford, Essex, England I292293961994 Ancestry file 
16 Coppen, George Stanley  April 30, 1952Romford, Essex, England I292323672605 Ancestry file 
17 Coppen, Hilda Ellen  Jul 1961Romford, Essex, England I292323672608 Ancestry file 
18 Coppin, Alfred Victor  Sep 1963Romford, Essex, England I292003527756 Ancestry file 
19 Coppin, Edward Charles  Sep 1935Romford, Essex, England I292003518525 Ancestry file 
20 Coppin, Elizabeth  Sep 1846Romford, Essex, England I292002572497 Ancestry file 
21 Coppin, Emily Elizabeth  24 Nov 1928Romford, Essex, England I292003518524 Ancestry file 
22 Day, Ada Jane  Mar 1948Romford, Essex, England I292004995312 Ancestry file 
23 Death, Helen  Sep 1916Romford, Essex, England I292002592811 Ancestry file 
24 Death, Jeanette  1 Jan 1934Romford, Essex, England I292002581727 Ancestry file 
25 DENNIS, Sarah  Apr 1866Romford, Essex, England I292098558010 Ancestry file 
26 Erratt, Eliza  Dec 1949Romford, Essex, England I292255041449 Ancestry file 
27 Flint, Hannah  Jun Qtr 1893Romford, Essex, England I292361401672 Ancestry file 
28 Flowers, Ruth  25 Sep 1884Romford, Essex, England I292037645706 Ancestry file 
29 Harlock, Ellen  Dec 1930Romford, Essex, England I292171882669 Ancestry file 
30 Hinton, Charles  Jun 1963Romford, Essex, England I292058411249 Ancestry file 
31 Hunsdon, Henry  Jan 1856Romford, Essex, England I292089625689 Ancestry file 
32 Karwood, Thomas  25/11/1920Romford, Essex, England I292301031482 Ancestry file 
33 Linsell, Mary Ann  Mar 1939Romford, Essex, England I292037886538 Ancestry file 
34 Matthews, George  26 September 1892Romford, Essex, England I292037651419 Ancestry file 
35 Matthews, Sarah J.  7 May 1958Romford, Essex, England I292037651807 Ancestry file 
36 Parish, Hannah  Jun 1932Romford, Essex, England I292301031232 Ancestry file 
37 Parrish, Daniel  Sep 1838Romford, Essex, England I292301031129 Ancestry file 
38 Parrish, Daniel  31 Dec 1890Romford, Essex, England I292301030707 Ancestry file 
39 Parrish, Edith  Jun 1953Romford, Essex, England I292301031240 Ancestry file 
40 Parrish, Sarah  3 Sept 1846Romford, Essex, England I292301031126 Ancestry file 
41 Parrish, Thomas  Abt 19 Jan 1882Romford, Essex, England I292301030704 Ancestry file 
42 Rawles, Martha Elizabeth  1921Romford, Essex, England I292042240866 Ancestry file 
43 Rouse, Ruth  1928Romford, Essex, England I292026361602 Ancestry file 
44 Steele, Phoebe  Abt 8 Mar 1877Romford, Essex, England I292301031116 Ancestry file 
45 Tweed, Orlando Harry  18 Mar 1947Romford, Essex, England I292151351596 Ancestry file 
46 West, Edward John  30 Sep 1898Romford, Essex, England I292002573921 Ancestry file 
47 West, Ernest Frank  Sep 1945Romford, Essex, England I292037645709 Ancestry file 
48 West, Silena Anne  14 May 1958Romford, Essex, England I292026356330 Ancestry file 
49 Willers, Henry  Mar 1855Romford, Essex, England I292004996912 Ancestry file 
50 Willers, Henry George  11 Dec 2012Romford, Essex, England I292325006386 Ancestry file 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clarke / Willers  Dec 1930Romford, Essex, England F32 Ancestry file 
2 West / Erratt  Apr 1905Romford, Essex, England F1005 Ancestry file 
3 West / Flowers  Feb 1877Romford, Essex, England F1582 Ancestry file 
4 West / Pearcey  October 1887Romford, Essex, England F1583 Ancestry file 

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