Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Darlington, Durham, England



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BELL, Alfred E  1880Darlington, Durham, England P8847 Ancestry file 
2 BELL, Arthur Golightly  July 1893Darlington, Durham, England P8854 Ancestry file 
3 BELL, Eleanor  1873Darlington, Durham, England P8848 Ancestry file 
4 BELL, Elsie J  Abt 1890Darlington, Durham, England P8857 Ancestry file 
5 BELL, Frederick  Abt 1898Darlington, Durham, England P8856 Ancestry file 
6 BELL, Thomas  27 Jan 1864Darlington, Durham, England P8851 Ancestry file 
7 BOLTON, James Henry  Abt. 1891Darlington, Durham, England P6190 Ancestry file 
8 CORNFORTH, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1903Darlington, Durham, England P4774 Ancestry file 
9 CORNFORTH, Olive  Abt 1909Darlington, Durham, England P4772 Ancestry file 
10 CORNFORTH, William Henry  April 1881Darlington, Durham, England P4769 Ancestry file 
11 CORNFORTH, William Henry  Abt 1905Darlington, Durham, England P4773 Ancestry file 
12 COWLEY, Florence Annie  October 1887Darlington, Durham, England P8150 Ancestry file 
13 Jackson, Alan Robson  Abt 1906Darlington, Durham, England P2767 The Short Tree 
14 JACKSON, Alan Robson  Abt 1906Darlington, Durham, England P3591 Ancestry file 
15 Jackson, Alfred  October 1901Darlington, Durham, England P2769 The Short Tree 
16 JACKSON, Alfred  October 1901Darlington, Durham, England P3593 Ancestry file 
17 Jackson, Alfred Oxendale  08 Dec 1880Darlington, Durham, England P2765 The Short Tree 
18 JACKSON, Alfred Oxendale  08 Dec 1880Darlington, Durham, England P3589 Ancestry file 
19 Jackson, Jessie Robson  Abt 1904Darlington, Durham, England P2768 The Short Tree 
20 JACKSON, Jessie Robson  Abt 1904Darlington, Durham, England P3592 Ancestry file 
21 Jackson, John Thomas  January 1907Darlington, Durham, England P2766 The Short Tree 
22 JACKSON, John Thomas  January 1907Darlington, Durham, England P3590 Ancestry file 
23 LAING, Walter Herbert  13 Jun 1869Darlington, Durham, England P71 Ancestry file 
24 Laing, Walter Herbert  Bef. 18 Jul 1869Darlington, Durham, England P59 The Short Tree 
25 LEWIS, Fredick  Abt 1889Darlington, Durham, England P8605 Ancestry file 
26 POWDRILL, William  1855Darlington, Durham, England P6818 Ancestry file 
27 SCARTH, Dorothy Ann  1837Darlington, Durham, England P4541 Ancestry file 
28 SEXTON, John  Abt 1891Darlington, Durham, England P4612 Ancestry file 
29 STANNARD, Annie  26 Mar 1903Darlington, Durham, England P5656 Ancestry file 
30 STANNARD, Emma  19 Dec 1902Darlington, Durham, England P5663 Ancestry file 
31 STANNARD, Freda   P5666 Ancestry file 
32 STANNARD, Isabella  28 Jun 1909Darlington, Durham, England P5661 Ancestry file 
33 STANNARD, Lilian  4 Mar 1906Darlington, Durham, England P5657 Ancestry file 
34 STANNARD, Margaret  26th Feb 1908Darlington, Durham, England P5662 Ancestry file 
35 STANNARD, Rachel May  20 May 1900Darlington, Durham, England P5664 Ancestry file 
36 Thackeray, John R.  Abt 1873Darlington, Durham, England P2425 The Short Tree 
37 THACKERAY, John Robert  Abt 1873Darlington, Durham, England P3154 Ancestry file 
38 Thackeray, Mary Jane  Abt 1871Darlington, Durham, England P2427 The Short Tree 
39 THACKERAY, Mary Jane  Abt 1871Darlington, Durham, England P3153 Ancestry file 
40 THURSBY, Margh  Abt 1850Darlington, Durham, England P8604 Ancestry file 
41 TURNBULL, Albert Edward 1192  11 September 1897Darlington, Durham, England P6737 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 COLMAN, John Frederick  14 Oct 1985Darlington, Durham, England P7128 Ancestry file 
2 Jackson, Alfred Oxendale  28 Sep 1964Darlington, Durham, England P2765 The Short Tree 
3 JACKSON, Alfred Oxendale  28 Sep 1964Darlington, Durham, England P3589 Ancestry file 
4 Jackson, John Thomas  Sep 1923Darlington, Durham, England P2766 The Short Tree 
5 JACKSON, John Thomas  Sep 1923Darlington, Durham, England P3590 Ancestry file 
6 JACKSON, Lucy Margaret Agnes  25 Mar 1961Darlington, Durham, England P1327 Ancestry file 
7 KENSLEY, Mary  Sep 1968Darlington, Durham, England P4770 Ancestry file 
8 Maugham, Eleanor  Jul 1861Darlington, Durham, England P45 The Short Tree 
9 MELLANBY, Mary Jane  26 May 1919Darlington, Durham, England P8411 Ancestry file 
10 ROBINSON, Thomas  September 1875Darlington, Durham, England P5632 Ancestry file 
11 Robson, Mary Barton  Dec 1960Darlington, Durham, England P2762 The Short Tree 
12 ROBSON, Mary Barton  Dec 1960Darlington, Durham, England P3578 Ancestry file 
13 STANNARD, Anna Elizabeth  Dec 1962Darlington, Durham, England P5643 Ancestry file 
14 STANNARD, Fred  Dec 1931Darlington, Durham, England P5641 Ancestry file 
15 STANNARD, John  Dec 1949Darlington, Durham, England P5642 Ancestry file 
16 STANNARD, Robert William  Dec 1937Darlington, Durham, England P5639 Ancestry file 
17 THERSBY, William  Jan 1940Darlington, Durham, England P7161 Ancestry file 
18 WILSON, Hannah  Apr 1839Darlington, Durham, England P5020 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 STANNARD / LEGG  Jan 1900DARLINGTON, Durham, England F1343 Ancestry file 

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