Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, Frederick Andrew  1885New Zealand P672 Ancestry file 
2 ANDERSON, Helen Gladys  1881New Zealand P674 Ancestry file 
3 Blomfield, Cecil Emile  17 Sep 1905New Zealand P2318 The Short Tree 
4 BLOMFIELD, Cecil Emile  17 Sep 1905New Zealand P3022 Ancestry file 
5 BLOMFIELD, Dorothy Monica  1898New Zealand P3006 Ancestry file 
6 Blomfield, Edward (Ted)  New Zealand P2311 The Short Tree 
7 BLOMFIELD, Edward (Ted)  New Zealand P3012 Ancestry file 
8 DONOVAN, Percy Herbert  1880New Zealand P2982 Ancestry file 
9 Fitzherbert, Doris Mary  1885New Zealand P499 The Short Tree 
10 FITZHERBERT, Doris Mary  1885New Zealand P574 Ancestry file 
11 Fitzherbert, Earle Buckshawe  1893New Zealand P495 The Short Tree 
12 FITZHERBERT, Earle Buckshawe  1893New Zealand P570 Ancestry file 
13 Fitzherbert, Flora Gladys  1882New Zealand P501 The Short Tree 
14 FITZHERBERT, Flora Gladys  1882New Zealand P576 Ancestry file 
15 Fitzherbert, Henry Victor  1893New Zealand P496 The Short Tree 
16 FITZHERBERT, Henry Victor  1893New Zealand P571 Ancestry file 
17 Fitzherbert, Joyce Dora  1888New Zealand P498 The Short Tree 
18 FITZHERBERT, Joyce Dora  1888New Zealand P573 Ancestry file 
19 Fitzherbert, Patrick Buckley  1880New Zealand P502 The Short Tree 
20 FITZHERBERT, Patrick Buckley  1880New Zealand P577 Ancestry file 
21 GORE, May Constance  1873New Zealand P3682 Ancestry file 
22 Hankins, Charles Edward  1882New Zealand P510 The Short Tree 
23 Hankins, William Herbert  1881New Zealand P512 The Short Tree 
24 HANKINS, William Herbert  1881New Zealand P587 Ancestry file 
25 HOLLIS, Jean Caroline  12 Dec 1907New Zealand P3903 Ancestry file 
26 HOWORTH, Sarah "Sadie"  1860New Zealand P4432 Ancestry file 
27 HUNT, Edwin David James  6 Jul 1927New Zealand P3692 Ancestry file 
28 HUNT, Peter John  20 Jan 1929New Zealand P3690 Ancestry file 
29 Kahukura, Meri   P2151 The Short Tree 
30 KAHUKURA, Meri   P2791 Ancestry file 
31 KEATES, Alice Priscilla  Abt 1865New Zealand P3917 Ancestry file 
32 Lyons, Jennifer   P249 The Short Tree 
33 LYONS, Jennifer Anne   P295 Ancestry file 
34 MARCHBANKS, Olive Joan  1900New Zealand P3688 Ancestry file 
35 Masters, Emily Harriet  1867New Zealand P2382 The Short Tree 
36 MASTERS, Emily Harriet  1867New Zealand P3087 Ancestry file 
37 MILLS, Alfred Frederick  1858New Zealand P741 Ancestry file 
38 Mills, Alice Jane Evelyn  January 1860New Zealand P448 The Short Tree 
39 MILLS, Alice Jane Evelyn  January 1860New Zealand P511 Ancestry file 
40 MILLS, Charles Edward  1855New Zealand P742 Ancestry file 
41 Mills, Edward Charles Evelyn  1857New Zealand P450 The Short Tree 
42 MILLS, Edward Charles Evelyn  1857New Zealand P516 Ancestry file 
43 MILLS, Emily Sophia  17 Jun 1862New Zealand P747 Ancestry file 
44 MILLS, Fanny Elizabeth  1853New Zealand P743 Ancestry file 
45 Mills, Henrietta Cornelia Evelyn  January 1869New Zealand P447 The Short Tree 
46 MILLS, Henrietta Cornelia Evelyn  January 1869New Zealand P512 Ancestry file 
47 MILLS, Katherine Amelia  1864New Zealand P746 Ancestry file 
48 Mills, Laura Frances Evelyn  1861New Zealand P446 The Short Tree 
49 MILLS, Mary Louisa Priscilla  1860New Zealand P744 Ancestry file 
50 MILLS, Rebecca   P2017 Ancestry file 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, Andrew Bolton  1987New Zealand P5623 Ancestry file 
2 ANDERSON, Hugh Boscawen  1978New Zealand P669 Ancestry file 
3 COOPER, Horace John  July 1879New Zealand P811 Ancestry file 
4 Dalrymple, George Samuel Wemyss  31 Jul 1908New Zealand P517 The Short Tree 
5 DALRYMPLE, George Samuel Wemyss  31 Jul 1908New Zealand P592 Ancestry file 
6 FITZHERBERT, Betty Waldegrave  1979New Zealand P790 Ancestry file 
7 Fitzherbert, Doris Mary  1887New Zealand P499 The Short Tree 
8 FITZHERBERT, Doris Mary  1887New Zealand P574 Ancestry file 
9 Fitzherbert, Flora Gladys  1887New Zealand P501 The Short Tree 
10 FITZHERBERT, Flora Gladys  1887New Zealand P576 Ancestry file 
11 Fitzherbert, Joyce Dora  4 Feb 1975New Zealand P498 The Short Tree 
12 FITZHERBERT, Joyce Dora  4 Feb 1975New Zealand P573 Ancestry file 
13 Fitzherbert, Patrick Buckley  1949New Zealand P502 The Short Tree 
14 FITZHERBERT, Patrick Buckley  1949New Zealand P577 Ancestry file 
15 Fitzherbert, Sidney Wyndham  1944New Zealand  P503 The Short Tree 
16 Fitzherbert, William Alfred  2 Feb 1906New Zealand P641 The Short Tree 
17 FITZHERBERT, William Alfred  2 Feb 1906New Zealand P784 Ancestry file 
18 Mills, Alfred  1880New Zealand P607 The Short Tree 
19 MILLS, Alfred  1880New Zealand P732 Ancestry file 
20 Mills, Thomas Henry  1895New Zealand P611 The Short Tree 
21 MOFFITT, Anna Frances Evelyn  26 January 1956New Zealand P660 Ancestry file 
22 MOORE, Alta Molly  1 Jun 1988New Zealand P5178 Ancestry file 
23 MOORE, Kathleen Dorothea  8 Jun 2006New Zealand P5181 Ancestry file 
24 MOORE, Margaret Lorraine  5 Nov 2012New Zealand P5180 Ancestry file 
25 ROBINSON, Milicent Elizabeth  19 Nov 1981New Zealand P5179 Ancestry file 
26 SHIELD, Cynthia Barbara Rose  1987New Zealand P5625 Ancestry file 
27 VENNELL, Alfred William  1920New Zealand P754 Ancestry file 
28 VENNELL, Edith Mary  1945New Zealand P753 Ancestry file 
29 VENNELL, Edward Arthur  1951New Zealand P750 Ancestry file 
30 VENNELL, Frederick Herbert  1951New Zealand P752 Ancestry file 
31 VENNELL, Henry George  1936New Zealand P755 Ancestry file 
32 WESTERGAARD, Reginald Erik  1978New Zealand P4444 Ancestry file 
33 Wright, Susanna Prideaux Evelyn  15 Jun 1915New Zealand P542 The Short Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Mills  1879New Zealand F552 The Short Tree 
2 ANDERSON / SHIELD  Oct 1940New Zealand F1338 Ancestry file 
3 Ballance / Holmwood  1906New Zealand F550 The Short Tree 
4 BALLANCE / HOLMWOOD  1906New Zealand F611 Ancestry file 
5 Blomfield / Sinclair  1903New Zealand F532 The Short Tree 
6 BLOMFIELD / SINCLAIR  1903New Zealand F592 Ancestry file 
7 Blomfield / Whitlock  1919New Zealand F526 The Short Tree 
8 BLOMFIELD / WHITLOCK  1919New Zealand F586 Ancestry file 
9 Buckley / Fitzherbert  1869New Zealand F515 The Short Tree 
10 BUCKLEY / FITZHERBERT  1869New Zealand F575 Ancestry file 
11 CALEY / WRIGHT  1929New Zealand F1238 Ancestry file 
12 CAMPBELL / MARCHBANKS  1928New Zealand F815 Ancestry file 
13 Caton / Kahukura   F473 The Short Tree 
14 CATON / KAHUKURA   F530 Ancestry file 
15 Caton / Tatu   F474 The Short Tree 
16 CATON / TATU   F531 Ancestry file 
17 Chilwell / Fitzherbert  1914New Zealand F288 The Short Tree 
18 CHILWELL / FITZHERBERT  1914New Zealand F327 Ancestry file 
19 D'Anvergne / Whitlock  1916New Zealand F544 The Short Tree 
20 D'ANVERGNE / WHITLOCK  1916New Zealand F604 Ancestry file 
21 Dalrymple / Cook  1916New Zealand F500 The Short Tree 
22 DALRYMPLE / COOK  1916New Zealand F560 Ancestry file 
23 DAVIDSON / GAIR  1881New Zealand F892 Ancestry file 
24 Fitzherbert / Hankins  1900New Zealand F77 The Short Tree 
25 FITZHERBERT / HANKINS  1900New Zealand F82 Ancestry file 
26 Fitzherbert / Muir  14 Sep1876New Zealand F85 The Short Tree 
27 FITZHERBERT / MUIR  14 Sep1876New Zealand F90 Ancestry file 
28 FITZHERBERT / WALDEGRAVE  1905New Zealand F114 Ancestry file 
29 GORE / MURPHY  1863New Zealand F817 Ancestry file 
30 Grey / Mills  1889New Zealand F554 The Short Tree 
31 GREY / MILLS  1889New Zealand F615 Ancestry file 
32 Harvey / Harding  1925New Zealand F545 The Short Tree 
33 HARVEY / HARDING  1925New Zealand F605 Ancestry file 
34 Holmwood / Mills  1877New Zealand F548 The Short Tree 
35 HOLMWOOD / MILLS  1877New Zealand F609 Ancestry file 
36 HOSSACK / MILLS  1912New Zealand F2040 Ancestry file 
37 HUNT / MARCHBANKS  1924New Zealand F813 Ancestry file 
38 KEATES / LARNER  1875New Zealand F901 Ancestry file 
39 KEATES / MIDDLETON  1898New Zealand F900 Ancestry file 
40 LOUDEN / BELL  1920New Zealand F885 Ancestry file 
41 Marchbanks / Fitzherbert  1926New Zealand F830 The Short Tree 
42 MARCHBANKS / FITZHERBERT  1926New Zealand F810 Ancestry file 
43 Marchbanks / Gore   F831 The Short Tree 
44 MARCHBANKS / GORE  1897New Zealand F811 Ancestry file 
45 MASON / NEIL  1875New Zealand F960 Ancestry file 
46 MCDONELL / BLOMFIELD  1920New Zealand F821 Ancestry file 
47 MCDONELL / SMITH  1895New Zealand F822 Ancestry file 
48 McLean / Paterson  1873New Zealand F678 The Short Tree 
49 MCLEAN / PATERSON  1873New Zealand F749 Ancestry file 
50 McRae / Hankins  1897New Zealand F507 The Short Tree 

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 PLUNKETT / RUSSELL  Jun 1937New Zealand F882 Ancestry file 

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