Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Romford, Essex



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Archer, Esther  Dec 1870Romford, Essex I292134487745 Ancestry file 
2 Archer, Esther  Dec 1870Romford, Essex P11118 Laing family 0106202 
3 Archer, George S  1888Romford, Essex I292026361605 Ancestry file 
4 Archer, George S  1888Romford, Essex P7465 Laing family 0106202 
5 Brewster, Doreen Margaret  21/01/1925Romford, Essex I292301031578 Ancestry file 
6 Butler, Stanley H   I292278594105 Ancestry file 
7 Butler, Stanley H   P12768 Laing family 0106202 
8 Butler, Winifred J  Oct 1925Romford, Essex I292278594104 Ancestry file 
9 Butler, Winifred J  Oct 1925Romford, Essex P12769 Laing family 0106202 
10 Coppen, Thomas Linsell  22 Jan 1919Romford, Essex I292326562661 Ancestry file 
11 D'eath, Reginald George  10 Oct 1904Romford, Essex I292293962252 Ancestry file 
12 D'eath, Reginald George  10 Oct 1904Romford, Essex P5956 Laing family 0106202 
13 Kemp, Alan Edward Geoffrey  14 Jun 1936Romford, Essex I292258389867 Ancestry file 
14 Kemp, Alan Edward Geoffrey  14 Jun 1936Romford, Essex P8116 Laing family 0106202 
15 Kemp, Barbara D   I292258390248 Ancestry file 
16 Kemp, Barbara D   P8115 Laing family 0106202 
17 Linsell, Ann  Abt. 1785Romford, Essex I292090876599 Ancestry file 
18 Linsell, Ann  Abt. 1785Romford, Essex P9183 Laing family 0106202 
19 New, Barbara   I292258390093 Ancestry file 
20 New, Barbara   P12542 Laing family 0106202 
21 PHILLIPS, Leonard Stanley  24 Mar 1912Romford, Essex I292278592341 Ancestry file 
22 PHILLIPS, Leonard Stanley  24 Mar 1912Romford, Essex P6318 Laing family 0106202 
23 Rowley, Marjorie   I292255042370 Ancestry file 
24 Rowley, Marjorie   P12422 Laing family 0106202 
25 Tweed, William Harry  13 Jun 1921Romford, Essex I292357057139 Ancestry file 
26 West, David C   I292256231673 Ancestry file 
27 West, David C   P8119 Laing family 0106202 
28 West, Donald Eric  09 Jun 1914Romford, Essex I292089908638 Ancestry file 
29 West, Donald Eric  09 Jun 1914Romford, Essex P7951 Laing family 0106202 
30 West, Dora Annie   I292037655752 Ancestry file 
31 West, Dora Annie   P7485 Laing family 0106202 
32 West, Ida R   I292042241062 Ancestry file 
33 West, Ida R   P8120 Laing family 0106202 
34 West, Philip Frank  27 Jun 1912Romford, Essex I292042240551 Ancestry file 
35 West, Philip Frank  27 Jun 1912Romford, Essex P7949 Laing family 0106202 
36 WILLERS, Clara Ellen  03 Jan 1879Romford, Essex I292325005676 Ancestry file 
37 Willers, Henry Coppen  July 1840Romford, Essex I292005003216 Ancestry file 
38 Willers, Henry Coppen  July 1840Romford, Essex P5896 Laing family 0106202 
39 Willers, Peggy R  5 SepRomford, Essex I292325006381 Ancestry file 
40 Willers, Reginald Thomas  19 Jul 1912Romford, Essex I292005146820 Ancestry file 
41 Willers, Reginald Thomas  19 Jul 1912Romford, Essex P6312 Laing family 0106202 
42 Willers, Richard M   I292005146821 Ancestry file 
43 Willers, Richard M   P6311 Laing family 0106202 
44 Willers, Richard Thomas  2 Sep 1876Romford, Essex I292325004615 Ancestry file 
45 WILLERS, Terence C  Mar 1939Romford, Essex I292325006387 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albon, Charles Spencer  July 1906Romford, Essex I292037887791 Ancestry file 
2 Albon, Charles Spencer  July 1906Romford, Essex P8000 Laing family 0106202 
3 Albon, Samuel Kenyon  July 1893Romford, Essex I292098557976 Ancestry file 
4 Albon, Samuel Kenyon  July 1893Romford, Essex I292078590091 Ancestry file 
5 Albon, Samuel Kenyon  July 1893Romford, Essex P7967 Laing family 0106202 
6 Albon, Samuel Kenyon  July 1893Romford, Essex P7997 Laing family 0106202 
7 Archer, Charles  October 1901Romford, Essex P5872 Laing family 0106202 
8 Archer, Charles  1908Romford, Essex I292026326569 Ancestry file 
9 Archer, Charles  1908Romford, Essex P7455 Laing family 0106202 
10 Archer, Eliza  Dec 1877Romford, Essex I292171881122 Ancestry file 
11 Archer, Eliza  Dec 1877Romford, Essex P5878 Laing family 0106202 
12 Archer, George  October 1896Romford, Essex I292026326570 Ancestry file 
13 Archer, George  October 1896Romford, Essex P7454 Laing family 0106202 
14 Archer, John  Dec 1888Romford, Essex I292171881817 Ancestry file 
15 Archer, John  Dec 1888Romford, Essex P5871 Laing family 0106202 
16 Archer, Sarah Ann  April 1875Romford, Essex I292026361607 Ancestry file 
17 Archer, Sarah Ann  April 1875Romford, Essex P7471 Laing family 0106202 
18 Archer, Selina  Dec 1898Romford, Essex I292171881820 Ancestry file 
19 Archer, Selina  Dec 1898Romford, Essex P5869 Laing family 0106202 
20 Archer, Thomas  April 1866Romford, Essex I292003843507 Ancestry file 
21 Archer, Thomas  April 1866Romford, Essex P5864 Laing family 0106202 
22 Archer, Thomas  July 1866Romford, Essex I292026325017 Ancestry file 
23 Archer, Thomas  July 1866Romford, Essex P5874 Laing family 0106202 
24 Coppen, Caroline  October 1860Romford, Essex I292269859399 Ancestry file 
25 Coppen, Caroline  October 1860Romford, Essex P5835 Laing family 0106202 
26 Coppen, Eliza Mary  January 1872Romford, Essex I292002572499 Ancestry file 
27 Coppen, Eliza Mary  January 1872Romford, Essex P5859 Laing family 0106202 
28 Coppen, Elizabeth  October 1844Romford, Essex I292003526619 Ancestry file 
29 Coppen, Elizabeth  October 1844Romford, Essex P6036 Laing family 0106202 
30 Coppen, Thomas Linsell  October 1914Romford, Essex I292004994435 Ancestry file 
31 Gusterson, maria ann  January 1892Romford, Essex I292037642064 Ancestry file 
32 Gusterson, maria ann  January 1892Romford, Essex P7479 Laing family 0106202 
33 Hunsdon, Henry  January 1864Romford, Essex I292325290022 Ancestry file 
34 Hunsdon, James  July 1848Romford, Essex I292325290011 Ancestry file 
35 Hunsdon, Jane  January 1894Romford, Essex I292325290024 Ancestry file 
36 Hunsdon, Stephen  January 1879Romford, Essex I292325290026 Ancestry file 
37 Kemp, Ann  October 1879Romford, Essex I292171881846 Ancestry file 
38 Kemp, Ann  October 1879Romford, Essex P11701 Laing family 0106202 
39 Kemp, Fanny (Annie)  October 1872Romford, Essex I292171881843 Ancestry file 
40 Kemp, Fanny (Annie)  October 1872Romford, Essex P11703 Laing family 0106202 
41 Kemp, Isaac  October 1854Romford, Essex I292171881839 Ancestry file 
42 Kemp, Isaac  October 1854Romford, Essex P11704 Laing family 0106202 
43 Matthews, George F.  9 October 1890Romford, Essex I292037651806 Ancestry file 
44 Matthews, George F.  9 October 1890Romford, Essex P7960 Laing family 0106202 
45 Oxley, Sarah  October 1848Romford, Essex I292005003160 Ancestry file 
46 Oxley, Sarah  October 1848Romford, Essex P6253 Laing family 0106202 
47 Palmer, Mary Ann  July 1858Romford, Essex I292089631684 Ancestry file 
48 Palmer, Mary Ann  July 1858Romford, Essex P9127 Laing family 0106202 
49 Parrish, David  April 1891Romford, Essex I292301030710 Ancestry file 
50 Parrish, James Alfred  3 Oct 1940Romford, Essex I292301031227 Ancestry file 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Albon / Linsell  October 1885Romford, Essex F3987 Ancestry file 
2 Albon / Linsell  October 1885Romford, Essex F1798 Laing family 0106202 
3 Coppen / Coppen  31 Jan 1900Romford, Essex F1652 Laing family 0106202 
4 Coppin / King  Sep 1932Romford, Essex F76 Ancestry file 
5 Coppin / King  Sep 1932Romford, Essex F1349 Laing family 0106202 
6 Coppin / Richardson  Mar 1923Romford, Essex F174 Ancestry file 
7 Coppin / Richardson  Mar 1923Romford, Essex F1348 Laing family 0106202 
8 Hunsdon / Palmer  11 May 1847Romford, Essex F1553 Ancestry file 
9 Hunsdon / Palmer  11 May 1847Romford, Essex F2160 Laing family 0106202 
10 Kemp / Harlock  April 1876Romford, Essex F2263 Ancestry file 
11 Kemp / Harlock  April 1876Romford, Essex F3019 Laing family 0106202 
12 Wiley / Coppin  Mar 1945Romford, Essex F259 Ancestry file 
13 Wiley / Coppin  Mar 1945Romford, Essex F1351 Laing family 0106202 
14 Willers / Mann  Dec 1935Romford, Essex F1916 Ancestry file 

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