Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.




Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, John  Scotland I292142561693 Ancestry file 
2 ANDERSON, John  Scotland P11417 Laing family 0106202 
3 Cunningham, Esther  1671Scotland I292006540557 Ancestry file 
4 Cunningham, Esther  1671Scotland P3247 Laing family 0106202 
5 Fletcher, Elizabeth  Abt 1680Scotland P2260 The Short Tree 
6 Fletcher, Elizabeth  1683Scotland I290140437154 Ancestry file 
7 Fletcher, Elizabeth  1683Scotland P3240 Laing family 0106202 
8 Fraser, Hugh  Scotland P748 The Short Tree 
9 Fraser, Hugh  Scotland I290041817773 Ancestry file 
10 Fraser, Hugh  Scotland P1020 Laing family 0106202 
11 Fraser, Margaret  Abt. 1875Scotland P396 The Short Tree 
12 Fraser, Margaret A.  Abt. 1875Scotland I48369620683 Ancestry file 
13 Fraser, Margaret A.  Abt. 1875Scotland P462 Laing family 0106202 
14 Gibson, Agnes Henderson  1877Scotland I292231232047 Ancestry file 
15 Gibson, Agnes Henderson  1877Scotland P4302 Laing family 0106202 
16 Gow, Janet  1726Scotland I292051462805 Ancestry file 
17 Gow, Janet  1726Scotland P6519 Laing family 0106202 
18 Gray, William  1826Scotland I292001958541 Ancestry file 
19 Gray, William  1826Scotland P5807 Laing family 0106202 
20 Haining, Sarah  Abt 1849Scotland I290172009071 Ancestry file 
21 Haining, Sarah  Abt 1849Scotland P4300 Laing family 0106202 
22 Haining, William  Abt 1848Scotland I290172009070 Ancestry file 
23 Haining, William  Abt 1848Scotland P4299 Laing family 0106202 
24 Hillocks, Catherine Graham  1901Scotland I292095302533 Ancestry file 
25 Hillocks, Catherine Graham  1901Scotland P5822 Laing family 0106202 
26 Hossack, Arthur  1839Scotland I292083269581 Ancestry file 
27 Hossack, Arthur  1839Scotland P8997 Laing family 0106202 
28 Laing, David  Abt 1821Scotland I292024739249 Ancestry file 
29 Laing, David  Abt 1821Scotland P5762 Laing family 0106202 
30 Laing, William  1731Scotland I292006006869 Ancestry file 
31 Laing, William  1731Scotland P6509 Laing family 0106202 
32 Lindesay, Harriet  1817Scotland I290199927655 Ancestry file 
33 Lindesay, Harriet  1817Scotland P907 Laing family 0106202 
34 MacFarlane, May  7 Oct 1912Scotland I292289232675 Ancestry file 
35 Mackenzie Ashton, Eva M  14 Aug 1881Scotland P1834 The Short Tree 
36 MacKenzie-Ashton, Eva Mary  14 Aug 1881Scotland I290127088796 Ancestry file 
37 MacKenzie-Ashton, Eva Mary  14 Aug 1881Scotland P2609 Laing family 0106202 
38 Mc Bean, Samuel  Abt 1840Scotland I290193410456 Ancestry file 
39 Mc Bean, Samuel  Abt 1840Scotland P5151 Laing family 0106202 
40 McKain, Margaret  Abt. 1733Scotland I292098018071 Ancestry file 
41 McKain, Margaret  Abt. 1733Scotland P9874 Laing family 0106202 
42 Menzies, John  Abt 1847Scotland P985 The Short Tree 
43 Menzies, John  Abt 1847Scotland I290026200005 Ancestry file 
44 Menzies, John  Abt 1847Scotland P1310 Laing family 0106202 
45 Smith, Elsie  Scotland P747 The Short Tree 
46 Smith, Elsie  Scotland I290041817828 Ancestry file 
47 Smith, Elsie  Scotland P1019 Laing family 0106202 
48 Trattles, Helen  Abt 1851Scotland P92 The Short Tree 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amers 3, Robert  B 1850Scotland I292088317440 Ancestry file 
2 Amers 3, Robert  B 1850Scotland P2371 Laing family 0106202 
3 ANDERSON, John  Scotland I292142561693 Ancestry file 
4 ANDERSON, John  Scotland P11417 Laing family 0106202 
5 Cunningham, Esther  Apr 1700Scotland I292006540557 Ancestry file 
6 Cunningham, Esther  Apr 1700Scotland P3247 Laing family 0106202 
7 Ferns, Catherine  Scotland P1421 The Short Tree 
8 Pearce, Jenepher  1845Scotland I292127755178 Ancestry file 
9 Pearce, Jenepher  1845Scotland P10713 Laing family 0106202 
10 Watson, Robert  Scotland I292098549847 Ancestry file 
11 Watson, Robert  Scotland P1271 Laing family 0106202 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Plunkett, Alexander  2 Jan 1955Scotland I290170367650 Ancestry file 
2 Plunkett, Alexander  2 Jan 1955Scotland P4278 Laing family 0106202 
3 Wilson, Jane  6 Aug 1969Scotland I290200138118 Ancestry file 
4 Wilson, Jane  6 Aug 1969Scotland P4277 Laing family 0106202 

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