Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Rochdale, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashworth, Amelia  Abt. 1794Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154237699 Ancestry file 
2 Ashworth, Ann  Jan 1785Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154237466 Ancestry file 
3 Ashworth, Edmund  Abt 1797Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154242330 Ancestry file 
4 Ashworth, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154238301 Ancestry file 
5 Ashworth, Ellen  Abt. 1787Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154238451 Ancestry file 
6 Ashworth, George  Abt. 1791Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154238562 Ancestry file 
7 Ashworth, James  Abt. 1803Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154244025 Ancestry file 
8 Ashworth, John  1778Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154237186 Ancestry file 
9 Ashworth, Mary  Abt. 1782Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154237379 Ancestry file 
10 Ashworth, Robert  Jan 1781Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154237324 Ancestry file 
11 Ashworth, Sarah  Abt 1786Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290053066879 Ancestry file 
12 Ashworth, Susannah  Abt. 1796Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154240181 Ancestry file 
13 Ashworth, Thomas  Abt 1801Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154243909 Ancestry file 
14 Bateman, Donald Scrimgeour  1905Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125309030 Ancestry file 
15 Bateman, Ralph Melton  15 May 1910Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125308922 Ancestry file 
16 Bentley, Elizabeth  1818Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375764 Ancestry file 
17 Bird, Frederick  1832Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290136570758 Ancestry file 
18 Buckley, Ann  Abt 1809Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292134495255 Ancestry file 
19 Buckley, Thomas  Abt 1801Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292134495254 Ancestry file 
20 Earnshaw, Hilda  22 Sep 1892Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337845600 Ancestry file 
21 Fielden, Alice Beatrice  April 1879Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125545989 Ancestry file 
22 Fielden, Amy  Abt 1875Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125545988 Ancestry file 
23 Fielden, George  1848Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125546413 Ancestry file 
24 Fielden, James  1813Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125546409 Ancestry file 
25 Fielden, John  1839Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125546410 Ancestry file 
26 Fielden, Joseph Petrie  Abt 1850Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125545986 Ancestry file 
27 Fielden, William  Abt 1834Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125546611 Ancestry file 
28 Fielding, Jane Ellen  1841Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125546411 Ancestry file 
29 Fletcher, John  3 Jun 1759Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292080835805 Ancestry file 
30 Greenwood, Harriet  Abt 1811Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290053066976 Ancestry file 
31 Greenwood, James  Abt 1782Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290053066855 Ancestry file 
32 Greenwood, Sarah  Abt 1829Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290053066977 Ancestry file 
33 Hamer, Daniel  1850Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375766 Ancestry file 
34 Hamer, Elizabeth  Apr 1846Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375769 Ancestry file 
35 Hamer, Jabez  January 1858Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375768 Ancestry file 
36 Hamer, John  1802Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375366 Ancestry file 
37 Hamer, Mary  Apr 1846Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375765 Ancestry file 
38 Heap, Arthur Wild  April 1868Rochdale, Lancashire, England I48363894418 Ancestry file 
39 Heap, Elizabeth Haslam  1839Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292336400917 Ancestry file 
40 Heap, Hannah  15 April 1831Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292336401081 Ancestry file 
41 Heap, Jessie  April 1869Rochdale, Lancashire, England I48363893148 Ancestry file 
42 Heap, John Joseph  Abt 1841Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292336400740 Ancestry file 
43 Heap, Samuel Fielden  Abt 1847Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292336400742 Ancestry file 
44 Heap, Sarah A  Abt 1842Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292336400741 Ancestry file 
45 Howarth, Jeffery  Abt 1861Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154239221 Ancestry file 
46 Lomax, Ann  abt. 1819Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154239438 Ancestry file 
47 Lomax, Archie William  1 Apr 1902Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337843240 Ancestry file 
48 Lomax, Clifford  10 Oct 1929Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337843942 Ancestry file 
49 Lomax, Elizabeth A  1856Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337842920 Ancestry file 
50 Lomax, Emma  1855Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337842918 Ancestry file 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Greenwood, Susan  28 Jul 1776Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375226 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashworth, Amelia  May 1843Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154237699 Ancestry file 
2 Bellamy, Arabella  October 1911Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125855504 Ancestry file 
3 Cheetham, Susan  1759Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292080821382 Ancestry file 
4 Fielden, Alice  April 1899Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125545987 Ancestry file 
5 Fielden, Joseph Petrie  5 Apr 1915Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290125545986 Ancestry file 
6 Fielding, Sarah Jane  8 Apr 1896Rochdale, Lancashire, England I48372149376 Ancestry file 
7 Hamer, Edwin  Dec 1916Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375767 Ancestry file 
8 Hamer, James  June 1785Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375633 Ancestry file 
9 Hamer, John  June 1785Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375631 Ancestry file 
10 Hamer, Ralph  January 1787Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375634 Ancestry file 
11 Hamer, Sarah  August 1791Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375632 Ancestry file 
12 HEAP, Thomas  4 Jun 1872Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292128404623 Ancestry file 
13 Kay-Menzies, Arthur William  30 Aug 1944Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290026199487 Ancestry file 
14 Lawton, Ann  Bef. 11 Dec 1806Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292338375628 Ancestry file 
15 Lomax, Archie William  25 Dec 1953Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337843240 Ancestry file 
16 Lomax, Clifford  1980Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337843942 Ancestry file 
17 Lomax, Jeffrey  1844Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290154238713 Ancestry file 
18 Lomax, Jeffrey  1869Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337841930 Ancestry file 
19 Lomax, William  1927Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337842580 Ancestry file 
20 Moore, William  18 Dec 1937Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337845651 Ancestry file 
21 Nuttall, James  Nov 1761Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292080820902 Ancestry file 
22 Nuttall, Miss  18 January 1837Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292080833890 Ancestry file 
23 Nuttall, Thomas  6 June 1845Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292080833353 Ancestry file 
24 Schofield, Mahalah  2 Jun 1922Rochdale, Lancashire, England I48370729479 Ancestry file 
25 Schofield, Sarah  26 Oct 1913Rochdale, Lancashire, England I48363894145 Ancestry file 
26 Schofield, Thomas  8 Apr 1906Rochdale, Lancashire, England I48370702589 Ancestry file 
27 Scholes, Mary  1894Rochdale, Lancashire, England I292337842578 Ancestry file 
28 Turner, Samuel Sr  1924Rochdale, Lancashire, England I48364175254 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashworth, Sarah  26 Feb 1854Rochdale, Lancashire, England I290053066879 Ancestry file 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Lomax / Ashworth  1 Mar 1813Rochdale, Lancashire, England F175 Ancestry file 
2 Moore / Earnshaw  13 Oct 1915Rochdale, Lancashire, England F1780 Ancestry file 
3 Nuttall / Fletcher  26 Jan 1806Rochdale, Lancashire, England F1245 Ancestry file 
4 Turner / Fielden  January 1902Rochdale, Lancashire, England F220 Ancestry file 
5 Turner / Fielding  Mar 1864Rochdale, Lancashire, England F3229 Ancestry file 
6 Turner / Greenwood  Q1 Jan Feb Mar 1857Rochdale, Lancashire, England F1930 Ancestry file 
7 Turner / Heap  July 1897Rochdale, Lancashire, England F3425 Ancestry file 
8 Turner / Heap  22 Jul 1908Rochdale, Lancashire, England F2117 Ancestry file 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Turner / Pilling  Abt 1945Rochdale, Lancashire, England F1412 Ancestry file 

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